Monday, December 11, 2017

New Door! New Closet! New Livingroom Paint!

Projects! Projects! Projects!

I don't mind the green paint in our livingroom, but Ben has never liked it. We happened to move here with lots of decor that actually works with the green, but I finally agreed to paint over it. Here are a few pictures of before with the green and beige walls. 

This is how it looks repainted in gray. It is such a tall room, and was not easy to paint around the bay window, multiple doors, fireplace and bar, but I got it done. The color on the fireplace/bookshelf wall is actually a lighter gray with more blue in it. I don't think it is noticeably different enough to make it worth using 2 colors. Ben swears he sees a big difference. 
All of the decor is the same. I couldn't remember exactly where things had been, so they got rearranged somewhat. That's what happens every year after Christmas anyway, so I'm not too concerned about it. 

The one thing I'm not sure on is the curtains. I don't think they look as good with the new color, but Ben still really likes them, so we're going to live with it for now. 
Ben's big project after the diningroom was picking out a new front door. I would have been fine to just repaint what we had and maybe replace the storm door. But he was set on a plan, and extremely picky with what he wanted. 
Here are just a few random pictures I found that show the old door pretty well. The kids are in them all, of course. 
I found a few of the inside view as well. The door isn't something I take a lot of solo pictures of apparently. 
We got a lot of light through the side windows and the transom along the top. I was pretty worried about Ben's plan to eliminate all the glass and get a big old door. 

Lots of fun times with the ugly green door. 
The new door, just how Ben wanted it. We do get a lot less light, and I can't see who is ringing the doorbell or knocking without windows or a peephole, but we're getting used to it. 
Kara and I decided to do a photo shoot to show Ben how it turned out when she got home from school. At first glance when I downloaded these pictures, I could have sworn this was me! She is wearing my old jacket, though. 
Cute Karalee. 
That's how it looks when no one is posing by it. 
Ben just had to have a 2 panel door, so he had to custom order. I still don't get what's so awful about the 6 panel doors, but I guess he hates them. I do love the doorknobs he picked out. They are perfect. 
Ike the pumpkin butler fit right in with the new door, and was excited to stand there through Halloween. 
My big project was getting shelving installed in my closet. I don't have any before pictures, because I never thought to take pictures of my cluttered closet, but just imagine white wire shelving so high, I could barely reach anything up top. Lots of shoes fit on those shelves now. All the shoes!
I put in jewelry drawers, which means Kiersten got my jewelry armoire, and boy is she thrilled!
Very exciting. Of course it's all crammed full of my stuff now, so it doesn't look as picture perfect. 

Halloween Lineup

We had a simpler Halloween this year. Since the costume contest got nixed from Trunk or Treat, the girls didn't really have any incentive to do different costumes for that. I certainly had it easier. Kara decided to be a pirate because it was the only way Ben would buy her a fancy new pirate costume for our upcoming cruise. Evie wanted to be Elena of Avalor, and already had the dress, so we just had to purchase accessories. Kiersten wanted to be a panda, and we saw a mascot head at the store, so picked that up, and then she just dressed in black and white. Due to her love of pandas, she already had several pair of panda socks to choose from. She went with the warm, furry ones to keep warm. I let Kara wear a pair of my boots, which fit her shockingly well. She also wore my old leather jacket and leather gloves, which she still hasn't given back. I think this is just the start of her taking over my closet.
I really felt like I got off the hook as far as making costumes this year, so I decided I should still make them a treat bag to go with their outfit. 
I made Kiersten a white, fuzzy bag and cut out black felt for a panda face. Pretty easy and fun!

I found this fabric that matched so well with Evie's dress, so her bag was just a pretty red one with teal flowers. I made it extra long, so she liked the idea of possibly getting more candy. (She got about as much as usual.)
I already had some pirate fabric, so I made Kara's bag out of that, and did hers as a draw string, because she's always swinging things around, tossing onto her bed, etc. She was pleased with her extra long bag as well. 

Pretty posing panda. 
Magical princess Elena.
Super cool pirate. 
The girls originally wanted to decorate the van like a panda wearing a princess crown, and pirate eye patch, but I couldn't nail down a good plan for that, so Evie talked the others into attempting a unicorn. My goal for next year is to plan out any trunk decorating sooner than the day of the trunk or treat. We pulled it off, but I think we could have done a few things better. The girls were really happy with it and excited to show their friends, so that's what matters, I guess. 
It was cold, so luckily Kiersten has a fluffy white coat that didn't detract from her costume too much. One of her besties was also dressed as a panda. 

Of course everyone had to wear the panda head around the house. You can tell this is Evie because of the crown on top. After one too many instances of walking into the livingroom to find someone sitting on the couch, casually watching tv with this on, or watching them trying to tie their shoes, or work on homework, I had to make the head disappear into the Halloween costume box until next year. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fencing Expo

This weekend the girl scouts were having some sort of sports expo, and Kiersten's fencing club was invited to attend. She was very excited to go and to show off her foil skills. Ben and his friend drove the girls down town while I took Kara to her basketball practice, and Evie to her soccer game. They were really good about getting some pictures. 
She said she had a lot of fun. Ben said he was not impressed. I guess she just needs to keep practicing so he will be the next time. 

After fencing was over, Ben brought her to Evie's soccer game, which luckily was also where Kiersten's soccer game was right after. It was really cold, but she was amped up to get in the goal. Both teams were blue, so her team wore the red tanktop things. Kiersten wore yellow to play goalie. 
They were down 0-1 until the last 10 seconds when Twin Oaks came back and tied the game with no play time left. They were happy to take a tie instead of a loss, and even more happy to get out of the cold. 
As much as they love playing, I just want soccer to be over now that I have to sit in the cold to watch. Basketball practices have begun, and with Kara and Kiersten both playing for 2 teams, I guess my weekends are about to switch to sitting in gyms instead of fields. I can't complain about that. 

When Mommy's Away

I went to Utah to spend some time with my Mom before she started her radiation therapy for breast cancer. I thought it would be nice to go after she was recovered from surgery, but before the treatments were making her feel tired and yucky. Since I was apparently having too much fun visiting to remember to take any pictures, I'll share a few from the kids' fun day at six flags while I was gone. 

They really enjoy fright fest, but we haven't yet taken them at dark when things get substantially more scary. Maybe one of these years. When I spoke to them on the phone to say goodnight, they were eager to tell me that Daddy had bought soda, candy, ice cream, and brownies. I was glad not to be there to be tempted by all that. 
I did get a picture on the airplane, not much else to do, haha. My flight was more exciting than normal because a passenger let his 2 cats out of their boxes to run crazily around scratching, biting, and hissing. They found some good hiding spots, but were eventually wrangled and re-crated. Their owner was trying to insist that they were service animals, and he was allowed to have them out. The flight attendants would not allow it, and eventually he gave up and sat back down. 
My sister, Shelly was in Utah a few weeks before me for Mom's surgery. We all got matching necklaces to wear. 
I was sad that I couldn't make it out for the surgery, but glad that it got scheduled and taken care of so quickly. I wore my necklace to match with my sisters and Mom. this is a really weird picture of me. I wonder if I accidentally had my phone in mirror mode or something. Hmmm. I think that's it, because my hair is parted on the wrong side. 
Luckily Jackie took a picture with me and Chris. Thanks for sharing!
Ben sent me this picture of Kara's whiteboard. You'd think she would write this when I was actually home to seem more realistic.
I accidentally got the girls to dance class really early a few weeks ago, and Evie was so happy to play with the toys in the lobby. I try to get there right on the dot, because the waiting room is so small, and there is not usually anywhere to stand or sit with the class before theirs being so full. 
Mom finished up her treatments this past week, and is feeling better and doing great. Let's hope that we've seen the last of it! I'm truly glad that she caught it so early, has a good prognosis.