Thursday, August 26, 2010


the girls invited me to a tea party on the floor last week. Kara took a few pictures afterward. most of the tea party was cleaned up by the time she did. Evangeline had some imaginary food.
They love her so much.
saturday was Ben's softball game for work. It's always fun to see everyone. Kara is getting so big, and brave.

Kiersten wanted to watch the game, even though Kara was too busy on the playground to come watch with us.
Ben hitting a double. I think he had a pretty good game from what I saw of it.

Another sleeping picture.
I decided to recover our dining chairs. We got these as a wedding gift, and the seats were getting pretty hard to get clean. So I just got some upholstery fabric on sale at JoAnn's. I used Ben's staple gun again, and this time, I even reloaded it all by myself. It only took me about 20 minutes to finally get the staples in correctly. It was more difficult because these chairs are solid wood, and the stools I did before were just foam and a thin board. Also, I couldn't use the drill because there was too long of a space to reach the screws. So I had to use the regular screw driver. It wasn't so bad getting the seats off, but reattatching them wasn't the easiest. The chair on the left is the after, and the right is the before.
I let the girls get out their art supplies to work on "projects" while I did the chairs. They love making arts and crafts.
after lunch they wanted to play outside. We didn't stay out long, because it was really hot.

they love turning on the sprinkler.
Kiersten got to put the final sticker on her potty chart last night. That meant she got to buy her very own leapster. We took her to toys r us after dinner. She picked out a green one, and a Ni Hao Kai Lan game to play with it. The best part was that at the store she said she needed to go potty, and she went on the big toilet with no training seat. She is getting to be so big.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have 2 great little helpers who love giving Evie her binky whenever she cries.  I love how she looks when sleeping. At her 1 month check up she weighed 9lbs 10oz. she is up to the 75th percentile for weight after being under 50th % at her first checkup. she is also in the 75th for height. It seems strange to me because Kara was always 99%, and Kiersten was always way off the chart on height. But I guess she has plenty of time to catch up later. We love her just as she is, short or tall. maybe it'll take her longer to be able to get into the cupboards and things.
Someone mentioned to Ben that I have not been in the blogs lately. So here's a picture to prove I'm still around. These days I can usually be found wherever Evangeline is.
These stools had suede on them that I had to scrub after every meal. So I decided to cover them with vinyl. Here is how they turned out. It was pretty easy to do. It was my first time using a staple gun, and my first time using Ben's drill without his help (or permission). The girls were a lot more excited about it than I thought they would be. They are both really into dresses lately, especially Kiersten. I can't get her to wear pants lately.
I thought it was cute the other night when Ben was helping Kara read. she's been learning to read words for a few months, and I have started teaching her to read sentences. I was just writing simple sentences on paper, since most of her books have some words that are still a little hard for her. A few nights ago, Ben came home with these early reader books for her. They are perfect. And she is so proud to be able to read an entire book without us telling her any of the words.
Ben thinks these jammies make her look big. but I think she still looks pretty small. They have Kiersten's name embroidered on them, but she doesn't mind.
cute baby getting ready for a bath.
just a funny picture at the end of a smile.
Here's how she looks as of today. I sure love her little face!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

crazy around here

just wanted to update with some pictures for Ben to see while he's in salt lake. Just in case he doesn't miss us enough already.
Evangeline loves baths, just like both of her sisters did. She especially loves getting her head cleaned. We finally got out the baby swing for her. She likes looking at all the different lights, and toys on it. I got these cute overalls at the store for just $3.
here she is doing her baby push ups. she is getting better and better all the time.
Kara joining Evie for tummy time.
more swinging.
The girls did a project with water colors the other day. Kiersten painted her face like this, and then was horrified when she saw herself in the mirror. she started crying and begging to have it cleaned off.
We also got out our farm play yard for the baby. It seemed like she was getting bored laying around all the time. She loves looking in the mirror the most. the girls always want to play with her, but I think she prefers when they leave her alone.
getting ready for a nap. she's pretty good about going down for naps when I want her to. she's a pretty good baby all around. She's definitely my easiest newborn. I don't know if that's because of her, or because of me.
The girls after their bath today. they sure miss their daddy, and I get to hear about how much they miss him all day.
funny faces. Kara loves making funny faces. Kiersten isn't very original. She usually just copies whatever Kara is doing. (which, honestly, is usually this same type of thing.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


we drove up to Idaho to see ben's dad, and to break up our drive home. Here he is meeting the baby. I love how she is reaching up to him. Katie and her boyfriend, Brennan came over. He did pretty well with Ben's endless teasing.
sleepy time.
there is usually an impromptu concert when we go to Papa's house.
The Miller's happened to be having a reunion this weekend. We were able to go to the lake with everyone on saturday, and to dinner.
The girls had tons of fun. They did get a little more color than I'd have liked. We just aren't used to that idaho sun.
Everyone was glad to meet Evangeline. Here she is being held by Ben's aunt DeeAnn.
It was a little hard to keep track of all the kids, and we had a few scares with missing kids, but everyone was found in the end.
Kara playing in the water.
my Kiersten baby.
getting ready to leave for dinner. Kerry and Lana got there right as we were starting to pack things up.
I woke up from a nap to find that Papa had given Karalee a guitar to play.
Kiersten soon joined with a drum, and they got Papa to dance for them.
They love playing with all of the animals, especially poor Boo-Paw, who they are constantly picking up, or chasing around.
Playing fetch with Duke.
Evie was happyto be able to relax out of the carseat, which she now hates being in. Her cheeks are starting to get chubby.
we left at 1 AM to drive home. Ben slept from the time we got back from dinner, til about 12:30. I kept the girls awake as long as I could, but they were out by the time we were ready to leave. They still slept for most of the night in the car though.