Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is going.. going.. going

2013 has been a pretty great year for the Millers. This morning Kara was telling me she was sad that the year is almost over. She said it's been the "best year ever". It's been nice to be settled into our new home, and getting used to living here in Missouri. The girls have changed so much over the past year!

Kara has enjoyed attending the CCL this year. She loves her days there, and even wishes she could go every day. Her love for reading has grown so much this year. I can't even count the number of times, I've gone to check on her in her bed at night, and found her at her desk reading. Often in the mornings, when I'm trying to get the girls ready for school, I have to keep checking on her, as she'll hide out in her closet, behind the bed, or in the sitting room to get some reading in. She loves being with her friends and acting silly. We can always count on her to liven up a situation. Yesterday we went to lunch, and she noticed a sign that said, "eat, drink, and get freaky". So she immediately started eating and drinking frantically and spazzing out. 
Kara's 2013 accomplishments:
Karalee graduated from first grade and began second. She also graduated from Daisy scouts, and became a brownie. She loves earning badges with her troop. So far this year she has earned her pet badge, hiking badge, and a special badge for attending the nutcracker on Ice. She is doing very well with her swimming, and has graduated up to the highest level in swim lessons, barracuda. She loves science, and enjoys taking after school science classes whenever they are available. She wants to be a scientist when she grows up. She is torn between being a geologist, or a biologist. She loves watching netflix movies about ocean animals, especially dangerous ones, such as the cone snail, which I never knew about until she became fascinated with it. She also made a powerpoint on the computer all about the box jellyfish just for fun. 
Karalee is 50.4 lbs and almost 53" tall. 
Some of her favorite things:
favorite color: lime green
 favorite animal: snow leopard
favorite food: ramen
 favorite song: Party in the USA
favorite game: Marvel super heroes
favorite movie: Spiderman 2
favorite TV show: Jessie
best friend: Addison
favorite playtime activity: baseball
favorite toy: lego blocks
favorite non play activity: art
if she could see anyone in the world she would pick: Avery W
favorite outdoor activity: football (???)
favorite outfit: green lace dress
favorite activity with mom: scrapbooking
favorite activity with dad: Wii U
food she doesn't like: stuffing
one thing she dislikes: zombies with their eyes poked out

Kiersten Joy
Kiersten has been such a busy girl this year. She really enjoys being around people, adults or children. She loves to tell everyone how much she loves them, and to be surrounded by happiness. She is very adventurous, and willing to try most anything we ask of her. She really loves playing games with her sisters. She asks Kara to play games at least once a day, usually more. She also considers it a special treat whenever she can convince Daddy to play. She enjoys school and loves all of her new friends there. She is always talking about her teacher, and how cool and nice she is. She is VERY excited that her teacher is expecting a baby. I think she believes the baby will be coming to school once she is born. She gets to attend adventure club 3 days a week before school, and loves all of the art and projects she gets to do there. She has 3 adventure club teachers, and loves them all dearly. When we have gone to school events, I always spot the adventure club teachers pretty quickly, because she spots them, and her eyes light up. 
2013 accomplishments:
Kiersten graduated from preschool and started attending kindergarten. She has become a great reader. I am often surprised when she reads something I don't expect her to understand. She started in the Daisy scouts, and is loving it so far. She lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. She played spring and fall soccer, and is ready to join a team that plays real games, and keeps score. She loves being competitive. She tries very hard to keep up with Kara. She zoomed through her last 2 levels of swim lessons, and is now in the same class with Kara. She is so thrilled to have caught up, though Kara is slightly annoyed about it. When she is having a hard time doing something, all it takes is seeing Kara doing it, and that is enough motivation for her to push through. She is my little athlete. She runs circles around both of her sisters, and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with her on the way to and from the bus stop. She's always running or skipping. She is also really into singing. She picks up songs after hearing them just once or twice. She sings along with everything on the radio. I was pretty surprised a few months ago, when she was walking around the house singing "head like a hole" by Nine inch nails. We had heard it once on the radio earlier that week. Kiersten is 41 lbs, and 46" tall. 
Kiersten's favorites:
favorite color: blue
 favorite animal: giraffe
favorite food: spinach
 favorite song: Call me Maybe
favorite game: bingo
favorite movie: The Little Mermaid
favorite TV show: Looney toons
best friend: Teagan
favorite playtime activity: Wii U
favorite toy: fur real kitty 
favorite non play activity: sitting around
if she could see anyone in the world she would pick: Jesus
favorite outdoor activity: playing in the grass if she doesn't get a rash
favorite outfit: princess dress Mommy made for Disneyworld
favorite activity with mom: snuggling
favorite activity with dad: cuddling
food she doesn't like: cheese (???)
one thing she dislikes: poor people not having money and their kids not having enough food

My Evie pie is really growing up. She is a happy little thing, and always wakes up at the same time every morning. She loves all of her little friends, and has recently declared a little boy down the street to be her boyfriend. I hear several times a day about, "Tyson is my boyfriend", "I'm gonna marry Tyson when we grow up", and "I'm so in love with Tyson". It is pretty cute, and reminds me of Kiersten at that age wanting to Marry Prince Eric and Uncle Victor. She has such a funny little attitude. Sometimes it does get trying, but it is one of the things we love about her. She is always keeping us laughing with the silly things she says. She has recently decided that she is not a baby anymore. She doesn't want me to walk her into school in the mornings. She says, "just dwop me off since I'm one of da big kids now". She is so proud of her counting skills, and always asks us if we'd like to listen to her count. She also loves making different faces, and is always asking us, "wanna see my happy face", "silly face", "mad face", etc. she gets pretty creative with it too. 
Evie's 2013 accomplishments:
Evie graduated from the baby class at preschool, and started attending the regular preschool. she loves her teacher and her friends. I love picking her up from school and hearing all about what each kid did and said that day. I always know if someone got in trouble, got hurt, or said something silly. Her teacher tells me that she is a leader in her class, and sometimes she can get a little bossy. She has gotten in trouble once, for fighting with a little girl who called her a baby, and said she belongs in the baby class. But she was definitley scared straight by some time in the naughty chair. Now she makes sure to behave at school. She has been learning lots of new songs, and is working on letters and counting at school. She told me she wants to learn to read. So I told her as soon as she can write all of her letters and say their sounds we will begin to work on reading. She has gotten very good at writing her name, and I think it's starting to be legible to other people besides me. Evie weighs 34lbs and is 40" tall. 
Some of her favorite things:
favorite color: purple
 favorite animal: pig
favorite food: cereal
 favorite song: jingle bells
favorite game: memory
favorite movie: Finding Nemo
favorite TV show: Doc McStuffins
best friend: Colbie, Eva, and Adalyn (she couldn't pick just one)
favorite playtime activity: playing dolls
favorite toy: Singing Doc McStuffins
favorite non play activity: drawing
if she could see anyone in the world she would pick: Eva 
favorite outdoor activity: playing in the snow with Daddy
favorite outfit: Minnie Mouse shirt and flower skirt
favorite activity with mom: coloring books
favorite activity with dad: snuggling
food she doesn't like: pretzels
one thing she dislikes: flying on airplanes

I hope everyone has had as wonderful a year as us, and that we all have a great 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at our house

We had a great Christmas this year. It was the first one in a while that we didn't visit anyone or have any visitors here. But it was nice to be able to do our own thing, on our own schedule. Kiersten set the table nicely, and Ben cooked a delicious pork loin. Kara had bought a game hen, since she didn't want pork, but we didn't get it in the oven early enough, so she didn't end up getting to eat it for Christmas Eve. 
We all got to open new pajamas for Christmas. Mine came with some shorts to wear in warm weather, and I put those on over the pants. The girls found that hilarious. They all got new robes, and really liked them. 
Modeling their new jammies. 
After we watched Muppets Christmas Carol, they put out some cookies and milk for santa.

They forgot to put out the reindeer food that they got from the babysitters at the gym. But luckily, Santa must have found it in the pantry. When we woke up in the morning, the packages were empty, and there were still a few oats on the front porch. 
We drove down to Santa's Magical kingdom at Jellystone park to see the lights. There are lots of silly things there. Kiersten fell asleep again this year on the drive out there. Luckily, she woke up in time to see the lights. Last year she slept through the entire thing. 

Santa brought Evie the Doc Mcstuffins check up center she has wanted. She also got a singing  Doc doll, and a mini checkup center for the doll. She was so excited when she saw it. The older girls were also quite distracted by it before they even noticed their own gifts. 
Kara got an easy bake oven. She is pretty excited to have it. She's already planning to use any birthday money she gets to buy more mixes for it. So we'll see if she gets any money or not, hehe. She especially wants the cheese pizza mix.
Kiersten got a 3DS XL. It is pretty cool. It came with a zelda game, which Ben talked her into giving to him, and he took back the Zelda game Santa brought him, so she could get a game she likes better. I guess Santa had already gotten the game for Ben before he realized that it would come with Kiersten's system for free. 
The stockings were particularly stuffed this year! I was pretty surprised to find a new waterproof camera in mine! I actually got all teared up, because I was not expecting to get one, and didn't feel that I deserved another one, after so carelessly losing mine at sea... but Santa must really love me!

Evie was the first to wake up. She was okay laying with us and watching cartoons, for about an hour, but then, got impatient, so we let her wake her sisters. 
They didn't mind being woken up, and were eager to get downstairs. 

Kiersten got a movie, some DS games, and card games in her stocking. When I went to bag up the girls' candy for them, all she had left was a few M&Ms. Guess I should have known to get to it sooner!
Kara had a Wii game, a movie, and some card games in her stocking. But she was most excited about a set of brushes, elastics, and a compact mirror. She also had some lip gloss and perfume. She went on and on about how she got "teenager" stuff from Santa. She also told me several times that she's going to keep it all in her pink makeup bag. 
While Ben and I made breakfast, she baked her first batch of cookies. 
When they were done, she took them around for everyone to try. 
She got her favorite book series from Aunt Katie. She was so excited. Her teacher wont let her check these out from the library anymore, because they are not challenging enough. But it's always good to have some enjoyable easy reading too. It's been hard to get her to do anything the last few days, because she keeps disappearing to read them. 
Sweet Kiersten loved everything she got. It's fun to see how truly excited she gets about everything. I don't think you could give her a present she wouldn't love. 
Ben finally got his coveted Chiefs clock. It's already been hung downstairs, and unfortunately has a very loud ticking. But he's so happy with it, I guess we can get used to the tick tick tocking. 
Of course Evie loved every gift as well! She has had so much fun playing with all of her new toys. 

Our big gift to Evie was a Disney Klip Klop castle. She has been wanting this for several weeks. She was more than willing to send other toys out of her room to make space for this. We gave all of her baby toys to goodwill. We probably got rid of 3 times more toys than they got, but it's nice to get rid of things they aren't playing with. 
Our gift for Kiersten was a fur real cat named Daisy. She changed it's name to Cutie Pie because she doesn't want 2 cats named Daisy. This is pretty much her new prized posession. 
We got Kara a karaoke machine. So far we have been using it with her Disney CD's, which has been fun, but they don't have the words on the screen. She used her Christmas money from Papa to order a karaoke CD 3 pack, that should be here next week. She is very anxious for it to get here, and wants to have some friends over to try it out. 

Evie's haul! She pretty much got all toys. Last night when I put her to bed, she insisted on cleaning up all of her toys first, because she doesn't want anything to get lost or broken. So that was a nice development! (Especially since I spent hours cleaning out their rooms and going through everything to make space for their new things)
Kiersten baby got lots of games, puzzles, books, and movies. I had a great time playing all of her new games with her. She also wanted me to play all of Kara and Evie's new games with her too. 
Kara got a lot of big stuff as well. Luckily she has a big room and closet to keep it all. She was so happy to get the game battleship, and told us how she plays it at school all the time. But when I sat down to play with her, it became clear that she didn't really know how to play correctly. 
I made Kara's hen for her on Christmas night. The rest of us had left overs. She was so excited for it, and did not want me to cut the meat off the bone. I should have done it anyway, as she later was coughing up a small bone.. And she ate about 20-30% of the meat before declaring she was finished with it. -Sidenote- look how well her hair is growing out. When she cut it, I didn't think it'd be looking halfway decent by Christmas. I guess I've learned my lesson that these things are not such a big deal. She did ask this morning if she can have scissors in her desk again, but Ben and I both said no.
It was such a nice, easy going day. Though we are all trying to fight off colds, I think everyone enjoyed their Christmas day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve :)

We finally let the girls decorate their gingerbread house last night. They actually didn't make too big a mess, and we had hardly any fighting. 
Ben assigned Evie to decorate the back, Kiersten to decorate the roof, and Karalee decorated the front and sides. He glued/frosted the whole thing together and got it standing, and I made the fondant windows and door. 

They are very happy with their house. the younger two keep asking when they can eat it, but Kara is very adamant that it can't be eaten because Ben sprayed it with canned air. I don't think they need to eat it with all of the goodies we have around right now. 
They couldn't wait to get dressed up this morning. I straightened Evie's hair to see how it would look. I was surprised how much longer it looked. Kara and Kiersten both said she looks like Kaymie. 
I got Kara and Evie's dresses when I was out shopping, but couldn't find anything in Kiersten's size. So she got to pick out her dress on a daddy-daughter date. Since her dress didn't have a red rosette like the other 2, I made her a red rose pin to wear. 
Evie was proud to change the count down sign to say only 1 more day til Christmas!
Baking cookies for Santa. 

I made a hat that was going to be for Ben, but it turned out too big. So we gave it to Winnie the Pooh for a Christmas gift. It was a perfect fit! Kara thought this was so funny. She started rapping when she saw it. This was her rap, 
" I'm Winnie the Pooh bear
I like honey
in my fat tummy
cuz I think it's yummy.
I'm a jazz guy
in my jazz hat
I think she might be confusing jazz and hip hop...

Monday, December 23, 2013

32 too!

Last week Ben turned 32. So now we're the same age again and my month of being a cradle robber is over once again. I let the girls pick out some gifts from the KC Chiefs website. I pulled up everything under a certain price and let them pick what they wanted. One thing they were particularly excited about was this pumpkin carving kit. I was nervous to let them get that, because you never know what he's gonna say when he opens it. But he was very nice and happy to get it. So imagine his surprise when he got the same thing from his mom too! So watch for pictures of chiefs jack-o-lanterns next Halloween!
They also got him a football ornament, and he insisted it be hung on the tree immediately.

But he may have been most excited about his new WiiU game. 
Or his gift from me, a new cheerleader calendar. He has had the same one since 2006/07. It just stayed up every year with the days of the week incorrect. Finally this past year, the days were the same, so it could actually be used again. But I thought we could use some new ..faces.. 
He got out this blanket from his mom right away so he could snuggle up with Evie. 
Since I am about to paint our guestroom, we brought the bed into the family room. The girls thought it was so much fun last night. We all played wii together, but first the girls had to jump and play on the bed. 

When I was downloading the pictures, I found these pictures at the end that Kara must have taken, the little stinker. I am tempted to post a particularly unflattering self portrait she took, but I'll give her a pass this time...