Thursday, July 16, 2015

She turned 5!

As of 2:32 AM on the 13th, our littlest princess is 5, and we have officially moved completely out of the baby/toddler world.
She asked if I was going to streamer her door, which I hadn't planned on, but of course I had to once she'd asked. She was pretty excited about it when she woke up.
For breakfast she requested yogurt. To make it a little special, I turned it into a parfait with granola, bananas, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. She also got to drink some powerade from a champagne flute.
Of course Kiersten had to have the same when she woke up.
After Grandma and Grandpa Boot got here, it was time for her to open gifts.

Such a happy baby!

Ben was very anxious for her to open the Elsa dress he ordered for her.
She wanted to try it on immediately.

Cute and fancy princess. She is pretty thrilled with the dress, and I have to say it is quite fancy.

It wasn't easy talking her out of wearing it to the movies. But she did end up going in her party dress instead.
He even got her the matching fancy shoes.
They all had a few minutes to play with Evie's new toys, and then we went to see the Minion movie. They all liked it pretty well. Kiersten only cried twice.
After the movie, we got some sorbet, and then Grandma and Grandpa took her to pick out a gift from them. Her palace pet collection is now complete. That afternoon/evening, we had the swim team awards night/party. So that was a pretty fun way for her to finish up an already exciting day. Kiersten got Most Improved award for her age group, and they were all pretty tickled about that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sweet and Sassy 5 year old

Evie wanted to have her birthday party at Sweet & Sassy, which is the same place Kiersten had her 5th birthday party. She talked Ben into buying her this dress the day before, and that's what she just had to wear to the party.
While we were waiting for the pink limo to arrive, I let the girls play with poppers and pull string fire crackers. They had a great time. It was close to 100 degrees, so they were in and out of the house.
But as soon as the limo was spotted coming up the street, they all ran back out there.
They were so ridiculously happy to get into the limo. Little did they suspect that the A/C was broken, and it was roasting inside. They didn't really complain, though. I think it bothered us adults much more than the girls.
Once everyone was buckled in, we were on our way! The girls sang along to every song on the playlist. It was cute. Some of them had awesome dance moves.
Kara brought out a basket of sunglasses while we were waiting, so they all grabbed a pair, and looked pretty cool jamming out in the limo.
Even though it was so hot and sweaty, these girls were all so sweet, and genuinely happy to be there. The energy was very excited.

The arrival at the mall was very dramatic. I tried to get a shot of each girl exiting. There were a few I didn't quite capture, so I made sure to get good shots of everyone in the salon as well, so I'd have something to share with parents.

Evie insisted on being last out. It was a pretty big moment for her.  
Once in the salon, they all got to pick out a fancy dress, and then waited to get their hair done.

They all waited so patiently. I thought for sure that at least one of them would complain or throw a fit, but they were just happy little angels.
Even Kara was a pretty good sport. She didn't really want to wear a crown, but she went along with everything else.
No one was upset about getting their hair done/pulled. They also got to pick out nail polish, a glitter tattoo for their cheek, and lipstick and eyeshadow. They were oh so lovely.

Evie got to wear a birthday sash, so that was pretty special.
I forced Kara to wear the crown for at least one picture. Of course she chose black eyeshadow, which made her look too grown up.
I didn't make her cake for about the 3rd year in a row. I'm a horrible mom during the summer. Maybe next year I'll get my act together.
After the makeovers were complete, they all got to walk the runway. Kara wasn't super into that, but did it anyway.
Of course Kiersten soaked up every second of the spotlight she could. She's got some killer poses in her repertoire.
We had 4 or 5 girls that all picked out the same dress. My friend and I were surprised when we looked in the closet and saw all the options they had. I figured it must have been a closet full of Elsa dresses based on what they all chose. I guess they just like what they like, and right now that is ice blue sparkle dresses.

Evie inexplicably chose a leopard print party dress. I'm still confused that she wasn't in the biggest, poufiest dress imaginable. But sometimes they surprise you, haha.
10 gorgeous princesses!
After the runway, they all had a dance party, and then took turns changing back into their own clothes.

Once everyone was changed, it was cake time. Ben took Evie to pick out her cake, and she ended up with a Disney princess cake. She just loved it, so that makes me feel a little less badly about not making her one yet again.

This picture is included because my sister requested a front view of my outfit. So here ya go Angie! Ben not only picked out the entire outfit, but accessorized and fixed my belt, so I can't take any credit. Don't mind the sweaty, limo hair.
She received lots of fun gifts from her darling little friends. She was just on cloud 9 by the time she was done opening them.
After the party, I dreaded getting back into the limo, but the girls were excited, and awesome about it. They were show stoppers walking out there all made up fancy.
Quite a sassy bunch of gals.
They all wanted to change up their seats for the ride back. It's pretty rough when everyone can't sit by the birthday girl, but they all worked it out.
We ended up getting a discount on the limo since the A/C wasn't working. So that was nice. I would say that I wouldn't have done it, had I realized how hot it would be, but honestly, I probably would just because it was Evie's magical dream come true.