Monday, March 25, 2013


Last weekend we went to the zoo. We've been hoarding all of our tickets we got when we bought our membership, that allow the kids to ride the carousel, train, etc, and now that they expire at the end of the month we have about 40 that we need to use up. 

Kiersten refused to go into the snake house, but wanted her picture taken with the statue anyway. 
using up a few tickets on the carousel. 

This weekend was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt in the park. Evie was so excited to see the Easter bunny. She kept following him around, and petting his fur. 
While we waited for everyone to arrive, the kids played on the playground. 

About to start hunting!

They were each allowed to find up to 12 eggs. Kara and Evie both had to put some eggs back, but Kiersten made sure to only get 12. 
Yep, Evie has a blue Easter egg in her hair. 

I thought it would be so funny to put these plastic eggs in Kiersten's hair. Then of course Evie had to have one too. I didn't think her hair was long enough, but I got it to work right on top of her head. Kiersten was a little nervous that people would think it looked ridiculous, but she got lots of compliments on it. When Kara came upstairs to get her hair done, she said, "I want a normal hairdo that looks beautiful. Jack might be there." 
So no plastic eggs in Kara's hair. 
Evie has now had about 8 Easter egg hunts in the livingroom, and is ready for the real deal this coming weekend! She thanked the Easter bunny about 20 times for the candy she got at the hunt.
We were expecting some snow yesterday, but a little surprised to get more than a foot of it. It was really good wet, packing snow, so Ben had to take the girls out to make a snowman. 
I was surprised when I looked out there and saw this huge snowball. I thought they must have decided to make something else instead of a snowman. 
But, it was a snowman, and it was huge. Ben couldn't even lift the middle section up, so he had to use a board for a ramp and roll it on there. I was worried it was going to fall off and take out one of the kids, so I hurried out to help pack it on as much as possible. He needed a ladder to get the head on.

posing with their big friend. I looked out the window this morning, and it's still standing, but the hat and scarf are buried under more new snow. Of course school is canceled today, after we just had spring break last week, and the previous friday was a no school day for teacher prep. I'm pretty ready for them to go back tomorrow. 
Ben was impressed with how much snow was on our deck.
It's a good thing I didn't get the cushions back out for the patio furniture, like I was planning to. That's Ben's new grill buried under the snow, if you can see it. We've only used it once, but hopefully it really will be spring in the next week or two, and we'll get some use out of it. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Kiersten baby turned 5!!!

Kiersten turned 5 on tuesday. She was so excited to wake up and see all of her gifts wrapped and waiting.
She wanted to wear a dress to school, and begged to have her hair curled. She was really excited to get to school today. 
As soon as the rollers were out, she was ready to pose for pictures. 
Evie started crying and wanting her picture taken too. 
We didn't have time for her to open her gifts before school, so we just let her open all of her birthday cards. 

After school, she could hardly wait for Kara to get home so she could open her gifts. As soon as Kara was home, she ran over to the chair to get started. 
Ever seen anyone so excited about socks??

Kara had to take her own pictures. 

We still had some birthday cake left over, but I got her this bright blue cake from the store, so she could feel special. She was really excited about it. 

And this is how she looked by the time she was done. Turning 5 hasn't stopped her from eating like an animal, it would seem. She was so worried that she would "have green poo tomorrow". But if she did, she didn't alert us about it. :)
Happy Birthday Kiersten-ator!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sweet and Sassy princess party!

We had Kiersten's birthday party on Saturday. It was at a little girl's hair salon called Sweet & Sassy. The girls love getting their haircuts here, because they always get sparkles, and flower hair clips. So when I fould out they did parties, I knew Kiersten would love it! We gave her a few options, since she did want to invite some boys, but ultimately, she couldn't resist a princess party with all her girl friends. 

They all got dressed up in princess dresses, and then they got to get their hair and make up done. They all loved the pampering. Even Evie sat still to get her hair done. I was shocked and jealous!
they also all got little tiaras. Of course Kiersten loved that hers was the fanciest. She really ate up all the extra attention she garnered for being the birthday girl. 
Everyone got a sparkle heart or star on their cheek, and kiersten got 3 hearts. I wasn't a huge fan of the pink eyeshadow, but the girls loved it, so I didn't say anything. One little girl kept saying she looked like a woman. 
They also got their nails done. Ben couldn't stop laughing about the feather boas Kara picked out. I think she was the only one with them. 
Evie loved the makeover. She thought she was the star of the show, even though it was Kiersten's party. 
Kiersten was also quite proud of her blue sash, that was "like a beauty queen".
As the girls finished getting made up, they had a dance party while they waitied for everyone else. It was very lively. Evie was probably the second best dancer of the group. She really does a great booty shake.

When everyone was ready they put on a fashion show. They interviewed the girls so they could talk about them as the strutted around. Evie said she rules the land of mcdonalds and her rule is that no one can take toys away from her. 

I loved some of their poses.

Kara rules the land of Jack in the Box, and her rule was that there are no rules. She was upset that I said she couldn't wear her Rapunzel dress to the party, so I think that's why she wore this Rapunzel costume, to stick it to me, even though it was clearly too small for her. 
Princess Kiersten ruled the land of Sweet and Sassy, and her rule was that everyone has to be nice and share. She got the most and loudest applause, and she was so elated by it!
The party princesses. 
There were 4 girls running the party (which made it great that we didn't have to do anything but watch the girls have fun). They taught the kids a dance to Kiersten's favorite song, Call me, maybe. It was so cute. Some girls took it really seriously and tried to get all the moves just right. Others were just doing their own thing. Kiersten looked so charming trying her hardest to get it right!
Then they got back into their regular clothes to eat lunch. 
Her cake was much simpler this year. I didn't get it made til the night before the party, so I didn't have time to do what I wanted to with the frosting, but the girls were all still impressed. Ben thought I was crazy for making it 4 layers, and he was right. It was ridiculous, and the party helpers had a hard time cutting it small enough for the kids. 
We realized that it would be weird to have a party from 11:15- 1:45 and not serve some sort of lunch. So the morning of the party, I called to ask if we could bring pizza. It turned out great, because they have a deal with Sbarro in the mall, so we got a deal, and didn't have to bring it, or order it. they just had it there for us, and stuck it on with the rest of our bill. Kara's BFF got to come too, since her little sister was invited. It was good because Kara hung out with her, instead of bossing around Kiersten, or getting Kiersten jealous because her friends wanted to be by Kara (which happens sometimes...)

Present opening was crazy. They were all on such a sugar rush, and so excited. Kiersten barely got a chance to see what each gift was before someone was grabbing it to look at, or excitedly explain how and why they picked it out. 
Kara made sure to read all the cards aloud, as Kiersten was kind of skipping over them. I think it made it easier for the party helpers to keep track of who gave her what. 
Kiersten's best friend was the last to RSVP. Kiersten was so relieved when I told her she was coming. She had been worrying and asking me every day. 
After gifts, we all went outside for a surprise. 
And wasn't it fun to see a pink limo waiting to pick us up! Evie is still talking about it non stop.
The limo driver made sure I took this shot, and I'm glad he did! It turned out to be my favorite picture from the party. 
One other mom rode with me and the girls. Ben refused to go. It was fun, but chaotic. We were constantly having to rebuckle girls in their seats. The girl looking straight, and sitting by Evie had her party the next day. I was talking to her mom about how glad we were that we didn't both end up doing their parties on the same day, so all the girls could attend both. 
Kara and her friend were by the controls for the music. We heard a lot of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, etc. I was surprised how well all the girls knew all the songs. I don't remember listening to much music at that age. 
When we got back to the mall, Ben said that the other mom and I both looked frazzled with crazy hair. But it was so fun and worth it! I think this will be a memorable party for all the girls, but especially Kiersten. In the limo, the girls were all saying that they would have their next birthday party at sweet and sassy. One of them even made sure to ask me if Keirsten can come to her party in July. 
Happy birthday princess enjoying all of her new toys. We stopped for ice cream on the way home, since we weren't allowed to have it at the party. Kiersten told me her day was so wonderful she couldn't pick a favorite part.