Tuesday, July 20, 2010

one week

my baby is a week old today! This picture is from a few days ago. I wanted a picture of the quilt my mom made for her. so soft and silky. she has liked tummy time a couple of times. I loved the ruffle bum on this outfit. I found it in her drawer, but I can't remember where we got it.
my little Evie. She is a really good baby.
she loves her daddy.
She was so mad while getting ready to go for a walk, but she fell asleep pretty fast. Ben was laughing at me for getting her so bundled up on a warm day.
Kara pushing her little sisters in the stroller.
supervised tummy time. This was one of the times she didn't like being on her belly. I think she might have just been getting a bit overstimulated by her sisters' constant attention.
the girls had fun making sugar cookies yesterday.

I've finally caught a few pictures of mom holding Evie. I told her I'd be annoyed if she were here all this time, and I didn't end up with a good picture of the two of them.
these two have been having fun finding ways to stay busy, while I'm taking care of the baby. They've gotten a lot closer the last few days.
I had to get a picture when i realized how pink she was this morning. This is how she was dressed when I had her with me at the dry cleaner, and he still asked me if she was a boy or girl.
stretching out. One of Ben's clients gave her this blanket. I thought that was a very sweet and thoughful thing to do.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ben took the girls and Lana for a drive up by mt. ranier. They took their kites, and played in the lake. It really was good for them to get out of the house for a while.

Kara is still wanting to hold Evie 3 or 4 times a day.
Ben makes her seem so tiny. I can't believe that Kara was even smaller than this!
The girls keep sharing toys with her. I'm constantly finding dolls or toys in the bassinette and the pack n play. Kara loves to sit and watch her while I go to the bathroom, or whatever. She keeps saying how she is a great babysitter.
Evie's first bath at home, getting ready for a dr's appointment.
The dr. said everything was looking good with her. She is only down to 6lbs 11oz, so that's a pretty good weight so far. She hardly cried at the visit, she's such a good girl.
she loves sleeping in the boppy pillow. She snuggles right in and sleeps there for a few hours.
I think this is one of the pictures Kara took.
Lana bought these cow socks when she was here back in November. The looked pretty cute on her little feet. I especially like the tail on back.
Lana wanted to make me something sweet, so I picked her chocolate whipped cream cake. The girls were so excited to bake with Grams.
Ben ordered new hoodies for the girls from the online disney store.

Grams flew home yesterday afternoon. We sure loved having her here. After my mom leaves next week, I worry they will really feel the difference in attention. Ben will be back at work too, so we'll see how it goes, I guess.
These two really have been getting along better the past few days. Maybe because they have more people around to distract them from getting mad at each other. Kiersten didn't do too well with going potty while I was in the hospital, and the first day or two I was home. But I think I'm starting to get her back into the habit again, and excited to go in the potty.

Little Evie slept for 6 hours last night. I slept for 5 of those hours, which was so nice. I do remember that Kiersten was sleeping pretty good at first, but started waking up more after the first few weeks. So I'm prepared for some sleepless nights, but trying to take advantage of, and appreciate any time she sleeps for long stretches. It also helps having Ben and mom here to watch her so I can get naps if she isn't wanting to sleep very long.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Our baby is finally here. My dr. said she would induce me on my due date, but when I called into the hospital on monday morning, they were full, so I just went about my day as usual. The next induction date would be thursday, so I figured I'd have to wait til then, or til I went into labor otherwise. Late in the afternoon, I was taking a nap, and the hospital called and said if I could be there within an hour they would induce me. So we hurried off to go have the baby. After an hour of trying to get my IV in, (and 6 painful pokes) I was induced. After 7 hours of labor, I wasn't progressing, so the dr. decided to stop the pitocin and give my body a few hours break. But I kept contracting anyway, and woke up right before 2 AM with very painful contractions. The nurse came in and I told her about it. She said she would adjust my epidural, since my legs were totally numb, but I still felt the contractions. But as soon as she checked me, she said I was fully progressed, and we wouldn't have time, so I'd just have to push with the pain. As soon as the dr. got there, I delivered her very quickly.
Evangeline Rebecca Miller. She came at 2:32 AM and she weighed 7lbs 6oz(which is exactly 12 ounces bigger than Kara, and 12 ounces smaller than Kiersten). She is just 19 1/2 inches long. My shortest baby so far. The biggest surprise was that she had hair. I even asked the Dr. if she was sure that was my baby! It's not super long, but way more than my other two baldies. Since her hair is dark, Ben wanted to name her middle name after me. We had been trying to decide a good middle name, so I thought that was a good idea. I didn't have much time to get ready to leave for the hospital, so I ended up giving birth with makeup on, which, as you can see, smeared all over my face. I totally cried my way through the last push. I said "I can't do it" and Ben, my Dr, and the nurses were saying, "she's half way out! you have to do it!" Ben loved her immediately, and wanted to hold her right away.
About a half hour after she was born.
you can kinda see her hair here. most of it is in the back though. When it gets wet, it curls up. She was looking a little yellow this morning, but the pediatrician wasn't worried about her numbers. He just said to keep an eye on it, and keep her near the sunny windows, etc.
she has scrawny little chicken legs!
in her going home outfit, which was too big, of course.
I love crying baby pictures. I think this was because she was mad about getting dressed.
Getting in the car seat to go home.
Kara and Evie. Please ignore the filthy face!
Kiersten and Evie. She is sure excited about this new baby! In the hospital, Evie started crying, and Kiersten started singing "twinkle twinkle little star". Kara joined in singing, and Evie calmed right down. And happily, the whole moment was caught on video!
They just want to be around her and cuddling with her constantly. Ben finally had to kick them out and shut the door so I could feed her safely. Kiersten is a jumper!
I think she fits in well.
Grams missed her flight monday night. (which turned out to be okay, since we were at the hospital). But Ben picked her up from the airport the next morning. She came straight to the hospital to meet the baby. My mom kept me company at the hospital while Ben took the girls to pick Lana up. But i din't get a good picture of her with the baby. I'll make sure to get a better one though.
The girls each brought her a gift, and they were just so excited at the hospital. They stayed for a few hours yesterday. Kiersten keeps saying, "she's so tuuuute!"
Kara is already trying to think of anything she can do to "help" with the baby. she is really such a sweet girl. And she is definitely loving all the attention from having 2 grandmas around!
I'm sure I'll have taken a million more pictures by the time I do another update. I brought my DSi to the hospital to pass the time, but I spent way more time taking pics of her with it, than I spent playing any games on it. I guess it must be love!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

baby shower and princess party

First, a few pictures from my baby shower on Thursday. I know I am getting way huge, and swollen. The heat is definitely not helping with the swelling, but it helps to know I'll have my baby here very soon!
It was a fun shower, and everyone was so generous. My mom made this quilt for the baby.
Just another dress up picture of Kiersten, so she isn't left out.
Kara has really been looking forward to going to her friend Chai's princess birthday party. It was yesterday, and I was glad I was able to take her. (even though the place wasn't air conditioned) they made sparkly crowns, and then they all got to dress up like princesses.
Princess Tiana was a surprise guest. She sang a few songs for the girls, and they absolutely loved it. Kara wanted to be right next to her for the entire party.
a group picture of the girls with Princess Tiana. She gave them lots of tips on how to be a good princess.
The birthday girl dancing with her daddy.
the girls put on a fashion show for us moms. They interviewed the girls, and every single one said their favorite princess was Tiana. But I'm pretty sure Kara just said that because she was the princess there. Normally, she says cinderella.
After the fashion show, they had a dance party. Kara mostly danced with her friend Peyton.
dancing with Tiana.
They also had a little tea party with apple juice and cupcakes. Kara loved being complimented on her table manners. Afterward, I had to make her go watch Chai open presents, because she wanted to clean up the table after the tea party.
more dancing at the end of the party.