Sunday, September 3, 2017

Evie and Lydia Turn Seven

Evie wanted to have a combo party with her bestie again this year. They are such a funny little duo. 
It was a little windy, so paper plates protected their candles from early blow out. 
This is the best picture I took of the cake. It was super cute. They wanted a rainbow unicorn theme, so My Little Pony certainly fit the bill. 

They wanted to open gifts with their friends this year, so we let them do that after pizza and cake. 

It was chaotic. 

After gifts, we headed out to the parking lot to smash the pinata. 
There were a few other kids at the pool, so we invited them out for the pinata as well, and I magically had the exact right amount of goodie bags. 
Say goodbye to the rainbow unicorn!

We went through all the kids and no one broke it, not even Kara. I was surprised because it was extremely over filled, and I thought it would break right open. So we decided to let the adults take a swing. I was first and knocked the body clean off the head, but it still didn't break open. Ben decided to grab it and tear it in half. That was pretty exciting for the kids. Candy went everywhere. 

Look at the head just swinging away. 
Evie gave it to one of her friends, and she took it home. They all thought that was hilarious. 
The older girls got tons of candy. Some of the little ones did not, but we had all of the extra candy that we couldn't fit in the pinata, and handed that out. 
Evie got a mono fin from Kara, and they all wanted to try that out. 

It was a fun party!

Castle Pines 4th of July Parade

We were in town for Independence Day this year. The girls got together with a few neighbors to decorates bikes and scooters. the day prior.
On Tuesday morning we set out for the bike parade. Kiersten is still afraid to get back on her bike after breaking her arm, so she opted to ride her scooter with Evie. 

We just had to walk about 6 houses up to the cul-de-sac where the parade begins. 
All of the kids were excited and ready to go. 

They really like seeing the fire truck and police vehicles. 
They all followed the fire truck up to the pool. It was quite a warm day and everyone got nice and sticky. 
We went home to get our dish ready to share and change into our bathing suits. We let Kara and Kiersten stay up at the pool since they had worn their bathing suits. Right when we got back to the pool, Kara and Kiersten were participating in a swim relay. Everyone was anxiously telling me that I missed my kickboard relay. I was not worried about it. Someone else swam in my place, and I didn't even sign up for it. The girls must have signed up for me. 

The kids were split into age groups for the money dive. 
Evie got a handful of quarters and Kiersten got none. Luckily, a very nice neighbor boy gave him some of his quarters, and that was almost as good as finding them herself. 
Kara dove with the big kids and had no problem finding quarters. She shared with Kiersten as well. 
We went to see fireworks, but I didn't take any pictures. It was dark, haha!
The girls wanted to go to the North Pointe water park that weekend, so we took them there for a few hours. These days they spend most of their time in the deep pool on the diving board, rock wall, and rope swing. 

Kiersten got her cast off in time to play in one last softball game with her team. She was nervous to be back but did perfectly well. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Daddy's Special Day

Father's Day was soon after we returned from our trip, so Ben requested we just relax and hang out by the pool. So we had a low key day. After breakfast the girls wanted him to open their gifts. They all got him amiibos, which made Kara upset because it had been her idea, and she felt copied. She was copied, but he liked and appreciated all of them. They always make funny cards for him. 

After Evie and Kiersten bought amiibos for him, Kara went back and also got him a Wii points card as well so her gift would stand out more. Everything is a competition around here. 
I decided to make a ridiculous card as well this year. I think I drew a picture of a raccoon. Or some other animal that made no sense. I wanted to make him smile, and I succeeded. I gave him the deluxe PIT game. He has always loved this game, and I sort of hate it, and so have refused to buy it in the past. I decided to just suck it up and try to give the game another chance. The first time we played with the girls I thought it was kind of fun. But now they bicker when we play and I sort of hate it again. Oh well, hahaha.
I went to the Poison/Def Leppard/Tesla concert with some friends. I didn't take many pictures, or any good ones. But it was super fun!

One of Evie's friends stepped on Kara's sunglasses and broke them, so I promised her I would get her some new ones. Somehow Kiersten talked me into getting some for her as well, and we went home with matching kitty shades. They even made up a catchy song that I can never get out of my head. "Meow meow meow, kitty kitty sisters. Kitty kitty sunglass sisters..." I have a video I can show to anyone who would like to be subjected. 
After 3 weeks Kiersten got her swim cast off. She was so happy and felt free. She wasn't super fond of the tan line, but I didn't think it was all that noticeable. 

Her swim times improved with being able to dive, and not having to drag a cast along with her. She was quite pleased with that. 
Six Flags had a Mardi Gras theme for much of the summer, so that was pretty fun. Don't get attached to the hat Evie is wearing in this picture, because she lost it on a roller coaster never to be recovered. She promised to buy Kiersten a new hat to replace it, but has not done so yet. 
Kiersten got awarded swimmer of the week after she got the cast removed. She was really scared to dive at first, but finally did it, and I'm pretty sure that's a big part of why she was chosen that week.