Sunday, July 8, 2018

May Days

Because May is the busiest month of all the months, I was a running around Mama. The night of Evie's CCL project night, we went from Evie's swim lesson, to CCL, to Evie's softball practice, to Kiersten's basketball practice, and then back again for pick-ups. Since it was so crazy, I forgot to take pictures of her final project. It was a project on her love for cats. I promise it was super great! So when we were at Kiersten's project night the next day I included her in the pictures and considered that good enough. 
Kiersten created a location app. It doesn't give you directions, but finds you and tells you where the heck you are. Haha. Evie just wanted to play with a pet cat app that one of her classmates created that lets you care for a pretend pet cat. 

We stayed to watch some science experiments done by one of the groups that was there promoting summer camps. 
I signed up to decorated Kiersten's teacher's door for teacher appreciation. Then I made Kara draw and color this wizard version of her teacher. We went through so many markers. Kiersten drew all the magic wands and Evie helped color them. We're not really a Harry Potter family, so none of us knew quite what they should look like. I think it turned out fun, and the kids seemed to like it. I drew the owl and made the kids color in the few non white parts. 
She even came with me to decorate the doors. We got pretty silly, and I think she liked being in her old school again. She kept saying that everything looked so different or smaller than she remembered. 
We also volunteered to do the technology teacher's door. The kids finally decided they wanted to do a Super Mario theme. I drew the characters by looking at a video game case, and made the girls all color it in. We had to go out and buy new markers in order to finish. In the end it turned out fun, even with all the cramped wrists from coloring. I didn't have the apostrophe up until very last, because it fell to the bottom of the bag, and it really drove Kara crazy. She kept saying, "we were always winners..." I finally let her be the one to stick it up there, and she told me she felt a lot better. 
The end of the year concert for special chorus turned out great. They had good songs and some fun solos. 
Kiersten's goal at the beginning of the year was to get moved to the back row. She didn't quite get tall enough to be placed back there, but it's hard when you're on the younger end of the grade. Maybe next year!

I coordinated a class gift for Kiersten's teacher as well, and the parents in class were so generous. I was happy that we were able to give her some nice things. 
We waited for the buses to arrive in the morning so some of the other kids could help deliver the basket to their teacher. 
Kiersten was lucky to have such an amazing teacher this year. Count yourself lucky if your kid gets to be in Mrs. Leary's class. 
Before softball season officially got under way, Evie's team participated in a tournament. That was fun for the girls and good practice. 
Evie got a couple hits!
Kiersten's drama class at CCL put on a play on their last day. The kids all write outlines for plays, then work in groups to flesh out the story lines more. Then they vote on the play they want to write and perform. They even wrote a song and choreographed a short dance. 
Kiersten played a mother whose husband was in jail. He was the snitch trying to help detectives catch a thief. 
Kiersten was also excited to make the Woerther track team this year. She got to miss nearly an entire day of school to hang out with her buddies cheering each other on. 
They were all happy to be there. 

Stretching before the race. 
Kiersten's event was a relay. She and her teammates were excited and ready to run. 

Kara signed on to wear the Ernie the Eagle mascot at 5th grade graduation. The 5th grade class gave this costume to the school as a class gift, so it wasn't around last year for her graduation. She got really sweaty in there. 
We had a fun time getting her all gussied up. 
She stood out front to greet the 5th graders and take pictures. 
Because she is only one grade ahead of the kids, several of them realized she was the one in there, and thought it was so much fun. My constant presence checking on her well being, and directing her where to go may have also given that part away. 
I planned to have her take it off and put in back on after the graduation,  but once I saw how drenched with sweat she was, I just put the costume away and took her to get a cold drink. Ben was in Idaho, and she kept asking me if I'd sent him the pictures, and if he knew it was her in the costume. 
Evie won a frisbee at the swim team kick off party. The other 2 were helping out with the car wash, but I think Kiersten ended up winning something too. I ended up needing to purchase Kara a new team suit on account of she is a giant. While we were waiting for Evie's softball pictures, that frisbee sure came in handy. Kiersten was going to be late for her basketball game, so once a few other parents and the coach were there, I left Evie to run Kiersten over. She was supposed to play a game right after the pictures, but it got canceled for muddy fields, so I was about to run back to the softball field to grab her, but thankfully a friend offered to take her to run errands with them, so that was a stress reliever. I had left Kara at the car wash, and she walked home when that was over, so they were able to drop Evie home with her and I got to stay for both of Kiersten's games instead of driving back and forth like a mad woman. 

Since Ben was still in Idaho, we had to have an ice cream party. The girls wanted to watch a girly movie, so we watched Far and Away. Kiersten only cried twice. Evie liked it because of Nicole Kidman. She loves her from Moulin Rouge. 

Of course on Sunday Kiersten had more basketball, and these 2 were happy to get to watch Kiersten make a few baskets. She didn't get any the day before, and felt kind of bad, so we were happy for her. She was by far the smallest on her team, as she was the only 4th grader on the 5th grade team, and the team they were playing was 6th grade. She was pretty intimidated. I think she'll really love it next year when she plays with girls her own age/size. 

Her favorite sport lately has been fencing, and I feel like she is leaning this way more than some of the other sports she's played. I don't see her ever wanting to go back to softball. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Weekend In Independence

I have wanted to take the girls to the Truman Presidential Library for several years now. I finally talked them all into going, and since we stayed in Independence, it was very convenient. We accidentally went to the Independence Courthouse first. Ben just drove straight to it, and it took us a minute to figure out we were not in the correct area. The girls had fun looking around anyway. Kara found a Yugi-Oh card that really made her day. I still don't quite understand why, as she doesn't have any other cards, and no one she knows has them for trading/playing. But she is keeping it in her cell phone case with her other prized items. 
Can they even stand normally for a picture? 
The answer is no. I rarely take a picture where they are all just standing normally. 

Once we made it to the museum, we were all ready for some fun. Poor Ben tried to slide down one of those handrails by the stairs and ended up on his back in the grass. I was concerned, and the girls were entertained. 
The eternal flame. 

Grave site. 

The mock oval office was fun to see. A lot of green. Who knew Truman loved green? We saw green couches, green clothing, green statues, green plates, green everything. 

There were plenty of interesting things to learn. There was a scavenger hunt for kids which Kiersten took rather seriously. 

They knew a lot less about the 1940s-1950s than I thought they would. There was a book for everyone to record their opinion about dropping the A bombs at the end of WWII. It was interesting to see how they each felt about it. They all wrote very different things. 

They made their own campaign pins. They did a cute job. 

We spent a longer time there than I thought we would, and then we went to Minsky's for some lunch. 
The cherry tree was on the verge of blooming on Friday before we left, so I had the girls stand for a picture before we left so I could see how much it changed over the weekend. 

It really came into full bloom by the time we came home. I look forward to this all year!

I liked the after pictures more than the before pictures. It looks much fuller. 
I also like the girls' outfits better. ;)