Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Let the Good Times Roll

Wednesday was the last day of school for the girls. They were definitely ready to be done, and so was I, honestly. I am glad everyone was ready early to take a few pictures, because when we walked out to head for the bus stop, it started to pour.
They wanted a standing pose as well. Evie and Kiersten had last day hairdo requests. Kara just wanted to do her own hair.
I never know what I'll get when I ok them to give me a crazy pose. Kara doesn't like to get too out of the box.
Our hot tub finally arrived! We have used it several times already. Ben is working on a bunch of projects back there, so I'll get some better pictures when everything is ready. But it's definitely a welcome addition to our evenings.
The parents were ready with the silly string when the bus rolled in on the last day. I brought a few extra cans, because the kids like to grab a can and get in on the fun.

Evie enjoyed being in the fray this year. I did kind of miss having a happy little partner in crime.

Kiersten was very concerned about getting it in her hair.

She was also sweet to clean off the mess on my car. Some of those boys went a little rogue when they got their hands on some silly string!
They also tried to get the bus as it came back around to leave the neighborhood. Fingers are crossed that we'll have our amazing bus driver again next year. Our district just purchased their own fleet of busses, so I'm not sure how it will all work out.
After school, we headed over to the park for a big play date with buddies from school. I got lucky to get a parking spot, but we had the whole drive up lined with cars and 2 ice cream trucks.
Evie's pig tails didn't survive the last day at school, but I just let her run wild with crazy hair. We didn't get to stay too late because I had concession duty again at the softball field. I'm glad to have both of my volunteer shifts out of the way. Now I can just enjoy summer with the kids.
Kara was a little bossy about who got bubble wands and how they used them.

For the last brownie activity, we were supposed to have a campfire activity, but it rained on Friday. So we switched gears to a fun skate night with the girls. They had a great time. Kiersten was terrible at first. She just kept falling down the second she stepped skate on the rink. But she got up and got up, and did well by the end of the night. She even skated below the limbo stick without falling. She does have a bruised bum to show for it though.
I adore this group of girls beyond words. We have so much fun. I am sad that Kiersten has decided not to fit girl scouts into her schedule next year, and I won't be troop leader any more. Luckily we are in sports and other activities with these girls, so will still see them lots, but it won't be quite the same.
Pool season has officially begun. We had perfect weather this weekend. so we have lived at the pool for the last 3 days. Evie always finds something fun to do there.
 Kiersten and co. I often wonder what they are talking about so seriously. 8 is a very dramatic age, it turns out.
 Kara bear is always happy to just do her thing.
 The silly billies sure do keep us laughing.
 We did have a thunderstorm roll in late afternoon yesterday. But we were ready to head home for dinner anyway.

Kiersten wanted to do some sunbathing/chatting over in the baby pool.
 My handsome guy about to be attacked by 5 year olds. It's nice that the dads are magnets for the younger kids to climb on, splash, and kick in the face. I get to deal more with the big girls wanting to be dragged around in tubes. (And the occasional squirt gun sneak attack from Kara.)
Swim team starts today. The girls are excited and ready, so bring on summer!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Evie Pie- End of the school year

Kindergarten Graduation was actually a week and a half before school got out. I got there as fast as I could after Kara's track meet. (I did stop at home to change out of my sweaty clothes first.)
The kiddos were very excited and full of energy.
They were very cute saying their kindergarten poem. Evie got to say her line for the letter "A". She was practicing all week.
She has a very difficult time standing still, so that always gets me some fun pictures.
And I tend to end up with some crazy ones too. I guess it feels like a big smile when she does this, because that's what she is attempting to do.
She was happy to have such a stylish graduation cap.
This was the only pose I got of her with her teacher. Like I said, she does not hold still for long these days. She is devastated about not being in Mrs. Shipman's class next year. (Even though it looks like she can't get away from her fast enough, haha)
I checked her out of school after the program so we could have some Mommy-Evie time.
She wanted to take selfies in the lobby. They always want to take selfies!

We decided to head over to Andy's for some frozen custard. Lots of her friends were there. I was wondering if any of the kids had stayed at school after the program.
I was sunburned from being at Kara's track meet, and didn't want to stay out in the sun too long. Plus we had to beat the school bus home before Kara and Kiersten got there.
On Wednesday, after the second grade plays, Evie had a girl scout party at the park. I checked Kiersten out after her play, so we spent a little time at the park waiting for the other girls to get out of school. It was an adventure walking all of them across the street together. They were holding onto a rope, and some wanted to walk faster than others, so there were tears. I had my girls throw old t-shirts over their cute outfits since I'd heard colored water balloons would be making an appearance.
They did a scavenger hunt and ate snacks first. They also got their prizes from cookies sales. Evie got a keepsake box and patch.
She steered clear of the water balloons, so it turned out Evie's t-shirt was unneeded. But Kiersten and Kara were happy to get in the thick of it.
She took off the t-shirt because she was worried that no one would see her cute top underneath.
I did make her help pick up water balloons with the other girls though. It was part of the "lesson" aspect of the activity.
Kiersten was thrilled to get drenched in blue and green water.
On Thursday Evie was running a fever, and acting like she didn't feel well, so I kept her home from school. After just one dose of Tylenol, she seemed much better, and the fever never came back. She wanted to send selfies to daddy to make him want to come home from work. This plan was not successful.
I decided that it would be a perfect day to take her to six flags since it's always easier with just one. Also, most everyone was still in school, so it was not crowded. There were some high schools there, but teenagers don't tend to compete for the same rides as Evie. Look how much she loves Sylvester now! My favorite Six Flags memory is when she rejected him and called him creepy, haha.

She had her pick of the rides. Most of the kids in the Bugs Bunny Land were preschool age and younger, so she was living large.

She did tire out a little faster than I thought she would, so I think she really did have a touch of something. But she still had a great day.

After we got home, she wanted a nap, and I should have napped with her before rushing off for concession duty. I had 5 hours of that, so it turned out to be a long day for old Mommy.