Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer has started!

The school bus was pretty late arriving on the last day of school. But that just gave us moms lots of extra time to prepare our cans of silly string!
It's pretty fun to spray the kids, I have to admit. But before long the cans seemed to end up in the kids' hands.

Kara must have gotten sprayed in the back of the head at close range. I had a heck of a time getting some of it to come out. It was really tangled in there.
Evie sure got a kick out of the whole ordeal.
I think they were a little excited for school to be out. They only had a half day, so they were home a bit after lunch.

After they all got off the bus and sort of cleaned up the silly string, we headed over to the park for a big play date.
I can not even explain how hard I was laughing when I saw this picture. Their faces just say it all.
I got this shot just as she launched the water balloon at Karalee.
And Kara after just having been hit... she wasn't too happy about it.

They had a fun afternoon playing with so many friends and eating snacks.

After the park we played at the pool for a bit, and then the girls had their first swim team practice.

Evie is waiting to do swim team next year. Ben came and picked her up so she didn't have to wait through both girls' practices.

Kara swimming in the far lane. She got tired pretty quickly.
Kiersten wanted to stay and play with her buddies during Kara's practice time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A day with my baby

Yesterday Evie asked if I could take her to the zoo today. I agreed, since we had nothing planned, and she changed her mind to the magic house. By the end of the day, she had settled on going to Six Flags instead. That was fine with me, since it's easier to take just one girl. So after the big girls were off to school on the bus, I made pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. She told me that she is soooo happy she got to have breakfast without her sisters there. Then we cleaned up and got the stroller loaded up so we could hit the road.
It was nice to get there early. We had a prime parking spot and for the first hour we were there, she was one of about 6 kids in the Bugs Bunny area. Around 11:30, tons of teenagers arrived by the busloads, but most of them stayed away from the kiddie area. A few did wander over, and try to get on the kid rides, but they were pretty quickly steered elsewhere by the employees running the rides.

She got really excited and said, "mommy! They're running the ride just for me!" I'm glad she rode this early on, because the girl running it left, and no one ever came back to run it again. Kids were waiting and waiting, and then giving up to ride the other things.

She got to dance with Bugs and Sylvester. We don't usually run into many characters on weekdays, so it was a pleasant surprise for her.
When Sylvester gave her a hug, she shouted, "No hugs from you, cat!" and ran back to me. She had the funniest little disturbed look on her face. She told me, "I did not want to hug that guy, he's a creep". I couldn't stop laughing, and most of the parents waiting in line were cracking up too. She didn't appreciate that, so I thought it was a good time to eat some lunch.


She didn't have a problem with Scooby Doo. After she hugged him, she was asking me if we could invite him over for dinner. I told her he only eats dog food, though. I thought I was kicking some butt on the Scooby Doo ride, shooting the monsters, but when the ride was over, I noticed that she had 4000 more points than me! I have taken Kiersten on that ride before, and she ended up with 0, so I was surprised.

She really wanted to ride in the carriage on the carousel, but we were pretty far back in line, so she had to ride a horse. She said, "it was fun but kind of un-awesome".
So we got in line again at the front, and she ran straight to the carriage. I was the King, and she was the Queen. Right as I was about to take this picture she said, "isn't this romantic?" She loved riding in the carriage, but to be honest, I found it to be slightly un-awesome. hehe.
She started asking for a nap, so I figured it was time to go. So we came home and had a nice little nap together. What a perfect day. As soon as her sisters are home from school she is planning a stuffed animal wedding in her bedroom. So hopefully they'll be up for that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More May Madness

Kiersten had a party with her Daisy troop last week. We have 12 girls in the troop, and they all had a blast playing together.

They got to decorate goodie bags to take home all of their treats.
Yummy worms in dirt!
We also had a piƱata for them to take a whack at. One of the moms ended up having to bust it open.
My adorable little daisies! Love these girls!
Kiersten was very excited to have earned a prize for selling cookies this year.
On Thursday Evie graduated from the 3's class at preschool. She is excited to be in the big kid class next year.
The kids were so cute singing and a few songs, and reciting their Bible verse.
Evie was so excited for her flowers and teddy bear. (she picked them out herself at the store). She named the bear Cosette, after one of her friends at school. She also got a frog cookie and book from her teacher.
I had 15 minutes to kill before my appointment at the chiropractor, so I took her for a celebratory milkshake.
Later that evening, we went to Kara's robot expo at CCL. It was fun to finally see what she'd been working on this semester. She has absolutely loved their unit on robots. They got to demonstrate the robots they built as a class.
She also got to show off some of her artwork.
The class poster.
This is her robot. It is built out of legos. The kids did all the programming themselves. They named it "Hydrobot", and it's job is to clean up trash in the ocean.

While we were at the CCL, Kiersten wanted to take a picture with her garden. Yesterday was her last day there, and they had a salad party to eat what they had grown this semester. I didn't notice until we got there that Kiersten had worn 2 different shoes, one Mary-Jane and one sneaker. And they were both for the right foot! So she looked slightly ridiculous walking around, silly girl.
On Friday we went to Evie's preschool picnic. She had a blast running around with her little friends. Kiersten didn't have adventure club that morning, so she got to go too. All she wanted to do was sit by her old teacher from last year.

After the picnic, we all went inside to watch Silly Jilly's magic show. The kids just loved it.
We had to leave a few minutes early to get Kiersten to school on time. Evie thought Silly Jilly was pretty hilarious.
Later that evening, Kara had a girl scout field trip to Swing Around Fun Town. They had such a fun time. Now Kara wants her next birthday party there. Not sure how fun it would be in January, though. Kara is in the blue and yellow boat. She and her BFF are both wearing purple. These boats had spray guns, so the girls had a good time spraying each other. One little girl went out over and over. She was shivering and drenched by the time we all left.
These little go-karts were cute. The girls didn't seem too impressed by them. They didn't go very fast, and just had one small loop to drive around. I took Kara on the big go-kart, but no picture, since I was driving with her.
Kara and her friend played 2 courses of mini golf. They were pretty crazy, and I had to go searching in the bushes several times when they hit their balls way too hard.
There is also a large indoor arcade. They all got 10 tokens to use. They also had bumper cars inside that the girls could go on as many times as they wanted.
It was a super fun activity.
Kiersten went to a birthday party at Bounce U this weekend, so I had to get a few pictures. She had a great time, and was telling me on the way home how lucky she is to have so many friends.