Friday, September 25, 2015

Chiefs Home opener

We went to Kansas City last Thursday for the Chiefs home opener. The girls always enjoy walking around through the tailgating and pre-game area. We got to meet Warpaint, the horse that runs on the field after points scored, and his rider, Susie. We also got autographed pictures of them. Evie inexplicably refused to appear in this picture. 
Kara did not want to get her face painted. So while I was waiting in line with the other 2 for that, She played some games, and won bacon and bacon themed sunglasses. 
Ben has lost so much weight that his beloved Joe Montana jersey has gotten pretty baggy. All 3 girls were able to get in there with him. 
I told the girls to pick something small to get painted on their faces, since they had to go to school the next day. So of course, they both ended up with  half their face covered. Kiersten did go to school the next day with some yellow around her eye, and glitter in her brows. 
We have great seats this year, right by the tunnel where the players run out onto the field. I did underestimate how hot it would be when the fire shoots up. I also won't be forgetting the ear plugs again. My ears were ringing for 2 days after the game, and I spent a good amount of time trying to help Evie and Kiersten cover their ears. I guess that's the price you pay for having the loudest stadium in the NFL. But I honestly feel like this game was louder than the game where the record was set. 
We may have arrived a bit on the early side. Kiersten wanted to stand by the tunnel to see if she could high five her favorite player, Dustin Colquitt. But she got scared when she was surrounded by a bunch of adult Broncos fans, and she came reluctantly back to her seat. She noticed he was already on the field warming up, and I guess she didn't realize that he would go back in, and then run out with the team. 
It was as perfect as a day can be for watching football. 
Evie was pretty tired by half time. Ben had to wake her several times. I'd rather have just let her sleep. It's quite the talent to be able to sleep through all that screaming and feet stomping. They were able to sleep in the car for the entire ride home, which was good since we didn't get home til about 3AM. They were not happy about getting up for school the next day, so we certainly learned our lesson about thursday night games. Probably not going to happen again any time soon. 
Kiersten is our biggest Chiefs fan. She is so sweet and sincere in her excitement and love for the team and players. She is also very very sad when they lose to the stupid donkeys. She had a rough time swallowing that last minute, heart breaking loss. Ben was fairly upset as well. I just thought about Grandma Howard giggling at him from heaven. 

Making it!

We had a crafty kind of weekend a few weeks ago. Kiersten helped me make a KC Chiefs wreath to hang on the door for game days. I have had the stuff to make this forever, so it's about time we finally got it done. It turned out pretty fun, if not exactly as I imagined it in my head. 
All of the girls got excited to watch the Chiefs play on tv. We had to break out all of the gear. 

Kara got around to painting these frames she bought for her room. They turned out really cute. I'll have to get a picture of how she hung them up. I pictured them just framing pictures she has drawn/painted, but she hung them sort of abstractly over her posters. It looks really cute, and I'll probably just keep it the way she did it. 
While she worked on her frames, I finally painted some wood cutouts that I have had for a while. I decided to go a sparkly route with it. 
This one turned out cute as well. 
There was also some painting on paper, and some football watching, and some playing outside. Over all, a successful sunday. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Soccer and snacks

Kiersten is enjoying her new soccer team. She is very happy to be learning to be a better goal keeper. Her team won their first game, and are looking forward to the next. Also, she is adorable in her uniform!
Ben was able to attend her game, and took lots of pictures so I could see some of the action. 

As much as she enjoys other sports and activities, this really seems to be her thing. 
I had a lot of fun putting together snacks for our first girls scout meeting as brownies. I put together these little donut bags.

I absolutely got the donuts just so I could make these little tags that said, "Donut forget to live the girl scout way", which was the badge we were earning at the meeting. 
I also dipped some marshmallows in white chocolate and pink sprinkles. I didn't expect the girls to like them as much as they did. They were basically just a sugar bomb. Kara could barely eat one, but those brownie scouts were all over them. 

I also stuck a bag of cheez-its so there would be a non-sugar option for the girls. Of course I didn't take any pictures at the meeting. I'm kicking myself for that because they were all so excited and happy to be there together, and had a great time. 
Kara's bridging ceremony from brownies to juniors was at the same time as Kiersten's brownie meeting, so I was unable to go. Luckily a friend was kind enough to send me some pictures. 

A friend of Ben's was in Boston and stopped off at Mike's pastry to get me a little treat! I was very surprised, but happy and excited to see this box. 
I love these marzipan fruits. I've never found better tasting marzipan than this. Some pieces were already eaten by the time I took this picture, haha. Sorry-not sorry. At first I thought this fun treat would last me all week, but who was I kidding? They were gone in 2 days. There is a reason this is a sometimes food.