Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready for a new year!

2012 has been a really eventful and fun year for us! It's time for me to update about the girls this year. 
Karalee Ilyana
Special things about Kara: She is such a sweet and caring little girl. She tries so hard to be good and follow the rules. Sometimes she has a stubborn streak, and digs her heels in if she feels strongly about something. She signed up at school to read 26 books, run 26 miles, and do 26 good deeds by April. She finished the books months ago, and is on her way to reaching all of her goals. She loves school, and is very smart. She has had such a good time making new friends in her new school, and is enjoying being in her girlscout troop.  
2012 accomplishments: Kara graduated from kindergarten and began grade school. She joined girlscouts and has already earned 3 badges. She learned to swim, and hopes to be on our neighborhood swim team next summer. This summer, she got her ears pierced, and loved riding jet skis in Idaho. she rode a horse by herself, without Papa holding the reins for her. She zoomed through the reading program at school, and is currently reading books at a 4th grade level. She learned multiplication, and cursive handwriting. She has lost 3 teeth this year. (one of them yesterday) Karalee is 47lbs and 52" tall.
Kara's favorites:
color- black
animal- kitten
food- ramen
song- All I want for christmas is you
game- super mario sticker star
movie- Garfield
tv show- Garfield
best friend- Addison
playtime activity- Wii U
toy- 3DS
favorite non play time activity- goofing around with Dad
if she could see anyone in the world right now she would pick- Addison
favorite outdoor activity- tetherball
favorite outfit- Christmas Eve dress
favorite thing to do with mom- paint fingernails
favorite thing to do with dad- play 3DS
a food she doesn't like- spinach
something she doesn't like- being called a boy or prince by her sisters

Kiersten Joy
special things about Kiersten: She is such a lovey girl. She always wants to be held and hugged. She still sneaks into mommy and daddy's bedroom sometimes so she can cuddle with us. she loves her dolls and stuffed animals. She usually sleeps with 5-10 stuffed animals. She still loves princesses, especially Ariel, and is excited to meet her prince charming some day. She loves being around people, and is a very good sharer. She has a big heart, and sometimes gets her feelings hurt when she thinks someone doesn't like her. She's our little fashionista, and wont leave the house if she thinks she doesn't look cute. She is a smart and funny girl, and always surprises us with her witty comments. Most people find themselves giggling a lot when they're around her. 
2012 accomplishments: Kiersten took dance and swimming lessons this year. She started at a new preschool   here in Ballwin. She learned to read, and is already reading books at a first grade level. she learned to add and subtract. She has gotten very good at making up knock knock jokes. Kiersten was tall enough to ride roller coasters at 6 flags this summer, and loves the adrenaline rush. Kiersten got her first 3 haircuts this year, but still has long, beautiful hair. She got her ears pierced, and is doing a great job of taking care of them while they heal. She also got to stop wearing pullups at night this spring, and hasn't had a single accident since we moved here. She weighs 37lbs, and is 43" tall. 
Kiersten's favorites:
color- pink
animal- giraffe
food- dumplings
song- 123 Jesus loves me
game- twister
movie- the little mermaid
tv show- anything on nick jr.
best friend- Teagan
Favorite playtime activity- playing with her inno tab
favorite toy- Diamond the teddy bear
favorite non playtime activity- drawing game
person she'd most like to see right now- Papa
favorite outdoor activity- playing in the snow
favorite outfit- all of her dresses
favorite thing to do with mommy- pretend to be monsters
favorite thing to do with daddy- go to the candy store
a food she doesn't like- mac and cheese (I don't believe it!)
something she doesn't like- when birdies die

Evangeline Rebecca
special things about Evie- She is a very happy girl. She runs around the house just laughing sometimes. She thinks everything is "so funny!" or "so silly!" She loves to feel like a princess, and doesn't like anyone else being called a princess besides her. She loves to dance, and always turns on her spotlight, and then dances for us in front of the fireplace. She stops a few times to ask if we like her dance, and then continues. She always ends with her "cool trick" of sticking one leg up in the air. She is our pickiest eater, and almost never eats her dinner. She loves candy, and will pretty much do anything to get it. She loves playing with her sisters, and wants to do whatever they are doing. She tells us all several times a day that she loves us. 
2012 accomplishments: This year Evie learned to go in the potty. She is about 95% trained, and she loves wearing her big girl undies. She started preschool, and has so much fun with her teacher and friends. She is talking non stop, and we can understand almost everything she says now. She learned to draw, and can tell people that she is 2. She is learning her ABCs. Evie weighs 30 lbs, and is 39" tall. 
this year Evie was able to tell me answers for her favorites, instead of me just guessing.
Evie's favorites:
color- pink
animal- dog
food- banana
song- ABC
game- pink game (???)
movie- Strawberry shortcake
tv show- micky mouse club house and Dora the explorer
best friend- babies at school
favorite playtime activity- playing with her princess castle
toy- Minnie doll
favorite non playtime activity- going with daddy
who she would most like to see right now- Tommy and Whitney
Favorite outdoor activity- swimming in baby pool
favorite outfit- purple princess dress
favorite thing to do with mommy- go to the pool
favorite thing to do with daddy- go to the pool
a food she doesn't like- chicken (which is funny because we always call any meat chicken to try to get her to eat it)
something she doesn't like- not having fun

That's a pretty good summary of what the girls are up to these days. they are excitedly planning our New Year's Eve festivities, and can't wait for Daddy to get home from work. I hope you all had a wonderful 2012! We are so looking forward to all the fun and excitement that the next year is sure to bring!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! We sure had a fun Christmas this year! the girls were so excited to get dolled up on Christmas Eve. I spent a lot of time with the curling iron that morning. 
Evie was a little jealous at first that her dress wasn't sparkly like Kiersten's. But once she was dressed up, she felt like a pretty princess. 
I thought Kara was looking so grown up this year!
Of course my sweet Kiersten was feeling pretty as usual. 
We were so excited for Nancy's family to arrive. Kara thought up lots of games and activities for everyone, but we only had time to do some of the things. they were beyond happy when they saw their cousins!
I had a couple of good helpers setting the table this year. 
After dinner everyone opened a gift. 

Kara made a mystery gift for Ben that she wrapped in a huge box. we've been wondering what was in there for a few weeks now. He was pretty surprised, and wanted to try on his new hat immediately. 
The girls sure loved spending Christmas with their Papa. Kiersten especially thinks she has permanent dibs on his full attention. 
We drove out to a lights display near 6 flags. there were so many fun decorations and lights. 
Kiersten fell asleep on the way there, and didn't see any of it. We drove around through some neighborhoods afterward to get the others to sleep, but they were still awake when we got home. 
Evie and Kara left out some cookies for Santa, since Kiersten was asleep. 
And here is what we woke up to on Christmas morning! Santa brought Ben paper mario for 3DS, and he brought me a new camera for my purse. i'm pretty excited that it is completely waterproof, and meant to be used underwater. That will be a lot of fun.
Kara is such a sweetie. She had gotten a comic book from Santa, and didn't find her new 3DS until she had gone through her entire stocking. We thought she might be a little disappointed to see the comic book, but she was elated with it. I asked her later if she was a little disappointed before she found the 3DS, and she said, "no. I was just happy we're all together for Christmas. But I was really excited when I saw it in my stocking!"
Evie has been in love with this princess castle that she's seen commercials for. She's also seen it at the store, and would get excited and say, "my pwincess castle!". So she was a pretty excited girl on christmas morning when she saw that Santa had brought it. All the kids have had fun playing with it this week. 
Kiersten asked for a baby sleeping Beauty doll, and was thrilled to get 5 baby princess dolls. She has been such a darling little mother to her babies. 
Ben cooked a huge yummy breakfast for everyone, and we spent the morning opening all the fun gifts. 
Evie had to put on this tutu from her cousin as soon as she opened it up. 
Kara with all of her fun presents. She told me several times what a lucky girl she is. 
Kiersten's haul. She's holding her inno tab, which has turned out to be such a fun little toy. 
She's still not sure why her stocking had so much coal in it. We told her it must be a warning, that she better behave better next year...
Evie wouldn't pose for her picture, because she was so excited to play with her new toys, so this was my best shot of her. 
Nancy and Victor took Tommy, Kiersten, and Kara to see Monsters Inc 3D on Wednesday. So I got to hang out with Evie and Whitney. they had so much fun playing together. They are just 2 little peas in a pod. When everyone got back, the kids all played with some play dough. Evie has had so much fun with this!
Papa left on Christmas evening, and the Sutherlands and Katie left early this morning. Right before it was time to take uncle Brennon to the airport, it started snowing. The girls were so excited about it. We had to go out to play in it really quick. 

It snowed a little more tonight, so hopefully we'll have some around still tomorrow to play in. 
Kiersten was upset about having to put on pants to play outside. She told me snow princesses don't wear pants. I thought she looked super cute. 
Ben made a snow angel on the deck. 
Now all of our company is gone, and the house is calmer, if a little less fun. We just had such a great Christmas this year, and I hope all of you had a great one as well. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Busy little Christmas bees

Ben's sister Katie, and her husband Brennon flew into Saint Louis late Thursday night. The girls have been so excited to have them here. Then on Friday, Ben's dad, Kerry flew in, and it has been non stop fun ever since! We got the girls this hello kitty gingerbread house, and they wanted to wait to make it when Katie was here. Everyone got to help a little. 
They are so proud, and anxious to eat off all the candy. 
The girls had to have a tea party with Papa. They took a while to get all pretty and dressed up. I let them have some graham crackers and gingersnaps for the party. Katie and Ben were gone on an errand, and Brennon unfortunately slept through the party. But afterward, we all played a fun drawing game together. 
On Saturday we made chocolate suckers. It's always fun, but messy. We ended up with some really cute ones!

I recruited Brennon and Katie to help make Christmas candy. Katie also made the pumpkin bread, which turned out really good.
These pictures are from earlier in the week, but I didn't have time to post them. Grams had sent the girls these fun cupcake cups with big clown feet. So we made some silly elf cupcakes. 

Kara has recently learned to play computer games, and thinks she's so grown up. She asked for an i-phone and a laptop for Christmas, and we had to talk her out of those. 
One of the treats they made while Grandma VanSickle was here, was reindeer cookies. I showed them the first one, and then just let them do the rest however they wanted. They ended up with some interesting reindeer. 

It's been busy and fun around here, and the girls are so so excited for Santa to come tonight! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Ben's birthday and School parties

On Ben's birthday, the girls were so excited to make him some birthday cards. Sorry about Kiersten's chocolate face, I didn't realize she was still a mess from making brownies. 
The girls insisted we set all his gifts up on the counter so he'd see them when he got home from work. 
After dinner, we let him open all of his birthday presents. 

Kara and Kiersten gave him 2 Wii U games. Kara was very concerned, because we don't have a Wii U. So I said, "well, you can play them on the regular wii". And when Ben opened them, he made a big deal about, we can't play these on our wii! they'll have to go back to the store. And of course, I kept blaming Kara, saying that she had told me they could be played on the regular wii. She started to get a little upset, and was denying it like crazy, so I finally had him open his gift from me, which was the Wii u. Kara was really relieved and excited. It was a funny moment.  
Lucky and spoiled birthday boy!
The girls loved helping him blow out his birthday candles. 
Ben had thursday off, so he was able to attend Evie's Christmas party at school. It was pretty cute. All the kids were so excited to have their parents at school. 
Evie got 2 parties at school. Since some of the kids only come one day a week, they did a party each day for the 2 year old class. So Evie got a party on Wednesday and Thursday. 

She was sure excited to see Santa! She ran excitedly to him, and started asking for a princess castle and reminding him that he had been at our house. 
Kiersten's party was only open to a few parents to sign up, so we didn't get to go to hers, but we walked by on our way to Evie's class, and it looked like they were having a pretty fun time.