Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snowy Wednesday

The kids are out of school for Thanksgiving break. They were excited to get a little snow today.
We decided to stay in and do some crafts together. The girls like to paint these little wooden shapes. So I'm always keeping an eye out for those to be on clearance for a few cents. Even the ones that seem weird are fun for them.  
We also used some glass jars to make snowman luminaries. Kiersten worked really hard on hers. She didn't have time to paint any of the wooden shapes, but was happy with the details she did on her jar. 
I also let the girls make some little pilgrim hats. Now I just need to think of something to put in them tomorrow. Maybe I could skewer a few olives.
I was warning the girls to let me do the cutting so they wouldn't hurt themselves, and then promptly sliced my finger open. It was a bleeder.
They turned out cute. Crayons were too short to place in there, but they would work okay for markers or pencils. Kara made the green one, Kiersten made the red one, and Evie(I) made the purple one.  
The snowmen turned out really cute. From left to right, they were made by, Evie, Me, Kiersten, and Kara. After the painted faces dried, we painted the glass with tacky glue and then rolled them in white glitter. Evie rolled hers in red glitter, because she said it was a baby snowman wearing a parka.
They were excited to set them out on the front porch.
I have been wanting to make a Christmas card holder for years. I decided it was finally time. I thought I had an unpainted "believe" decoration, but all I could find that would be large enough was a heart. So I tried to turn that into a reindeer. Do not google "reindeer heart". You've been warned. I couldn't find any ideas online, so I just thought up my own design. Now that it's done, of course I can think of several better ideas, but oh well, it's done. Ben said it looks like it has bloody entrails hanging down. But the cards have to go somewhere.  I just stapled Christmas ribbon to the back with my regular stapler.
The girls liked him, but were sad that he has no mouth.
We also painted some soup cans for a game I want to play with my daisy scouts next week. But they aren't quite finished, so I didn't take a picture. Also, I need to use a couple more cans so I'll have enough for the game.
We decided to make a Thanksgiving snack. I asked Evie to open some Hershey's kisses, and had to laugh when I turned around and saw her like this. 
We made some royal icing to stick them onto Nilla wafers.
After they set up, we attached a regular chocolate chip on top for the stem. I purposely posted this picture, just to show off Kara's chocolate mouth.
And we have some little acorn treats. I saw pictures of these with either a smaller cookie, or larger kiss. They looked better than this, but the girls think they are great, and that's really the point.
Ben has been kinda crafty lately too. A few weeks ago he made me this magnet/cork board. I'm glad to have a spot to put up all the magnets we have bought on vacations. I stopped putting them on the refrigerator because our Bahamas one kept falling and breaking. Right now it's in 7 pieces awaiting superglue.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rockin around the Christmas tree

Since we'll be out of town next weekend, we decided to get out the Christmas decorations yesterday. I'm glad we did, because I am having the girlscouts over on the 3rd, and don't know when else we would have gotten it done. The girls love to be helpers.
We got a lot of new decorations on clearance last year, so they were excited to see the new things. There were also 3 Christmas shirts in the box that we had gotten on clearance last year as well, so they all wanted to wear those right away.
I didn't have to move too many ornaments this year. Kara was quite the dictator about spreading out the colors, etc. I wonder where she gets that? I did redo the icicles, because they had just stabbed them in or laid them flat on the branches instead of hanging them by the loops. They also were keeping some of the icicles aside with the intention of throwing them at Ben when he came up. They are the little skinny plastic kind with pointy ends. But I told them they couldn't throw them at Daddy.
Christmas cuties.
Evie wasn't content with just handling the lower branches, so Kara helped her get a few of them higher up.
I let them hang up Ben's Chiefs ornament even though it doesn't really go with the rest.
I really dislike these kind of hooks. All the ornaments we've purchased within the last 3 years have had these annoying things. I think I'll throw them out and buy some regular ones for next year. They just get all tangled up, and the kids have a hard time with them.

They all were holding on to the last few decorations waiting for each other to put them up so they could have the glory of putting on the last one.

But Ben ended up getting the last ornament honor, since he can reach the top of the tree to put the star on.
All finished up. Ignore what I did with the curtains, ug! I did that when I was carpet cleaning, and just now realized that I need to take those down.

Do you remember our ugly carpet runner? I have hated this since we moved in, but we didn't want to rip it out, because we thought it was going to be such a pain to change it out. Ben ripped it off this weekend, and it actually didn't take long at all. The carpet was totally fine underneath, so once I had the steps cleaned, he bought me a new runner that I like much better.
Yay! now the stairs actually go with the rest of the house. I like this so so much better.
Ben decided to do carpet rails, and I wasn't sure about them at first. I think they're starting to grow on me though. I had no idea this would be such a quick, easy, and inexpensive thing to change. Now I feel silly for suffering with the ugly rug for 2 1/2 years. (Or maybe Ben just made it look easy because he's so talented.) This morning, Ben was surprised that someone took the old runner out of our trash can overnight. So I guess not everyone hates that pattern. It was clean and in pretty good condition, so I'm glad someone got a free rug.
Evie just looked cute the other day, so I how could I not snap a picture? She does have a little sore on her nose where she scratched an itch with a too-sharp fingernail. Her curls are growing out, and it is absolutely killing me. I blame Ben because he got her hair cut this summer. I knew it would never be the same.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Girls on the Run 5K

Last Saturday was Kara's 5K for Girls on the Run. It was a brisk 22 degrees at 7:30.
She was excited to find all of her friends and get her hair spray painted green.
Ben made her wash the green out of her hair as soon as we got home. He didn't want to drive down to Kansas City with her sporting "Seahawks colors". She was kind of disappointed. She really wanted to show Kiersten, who was at a girl scouts event.
The crew ready to run!
She did a lot better than the practice 5K. I only let her walk 4 times, and just for a short while. I kept telling her if she slowed down she'd feel cold again.
She was crying by the end, but was proud that she did it. Her time was 41:27, so just under a 14 minute mile. That's better than she usually does for a mile, but I have seen her get closer to 13.
It was pretty flat, and kind of a fun little race. I was tempted to leave her behind a few times, but stayed back with her. I'm sure she'd have walked the rest of the way if I'd run ahead. It was kind of fun to get a good look around downtown, where we usually are just driving past. As cold as it was, it was not as bad as the Chiefs game the next day. Somehow sitting in freezing temperatures for hours feels much worse than running in the cold for less than an hour.
She has been helping with dinner more. I'm trying to let her cook 2 or 3 nights per week. She's doing great, but I need to keep a closer eye on her seasoning. She leans a little to the bland side, but always says that's how she likes it.
My birthday was Monday. I got to visit the girls at CCL for parent's day, and Evie took me out for breakfast. It was a good day.
There's just one person in the world I look at that way. He surprised me with pretty flowers and an ice cream cake. He also took care of dinner, and took Kara to basketball practice, which I totally consider the best gifts I could get. (But I'm still glad about the new iron, scentsy warmer, living room blankets, new silverware, and new sheets too.)
It was a nice family evening together.
Today after school Kiersten had some friends over, so we all baked cookies together. It was pretty fun, even though I burned one of the batches. Ben was in Chicago yesterday for work, so he took today off. So it was fun to pal around with him today. We usually have the kids in tow whenever he's off, so it was a fun day. I just like being around that guy.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Ben ordered this coat for Kiersten. Though she isn't smiling in the picture, she is so thrilled with it. She wants to wear it all the time. She says it makes her feel warm as a polar bear. She also got the night gown she's wearing with it.
Kara got a new sleep mask. It might just be working out for her, because she's been falling asleep earlier, and waking up early this past week. This morning she was up at 5AM.
Last week when I was straightening up, I grabbed Kiersten's blanket off the dining room table. Lo and behold, someone had left a cup with red Mio-water underneath it. So that went flying, and I had this lovely mess about 3 minutes before I needed to leave to pick up Evie from preschool. I cleaned it as much as I could, and then when I got back from picking her up, I used my carpet cleaner on the area for an hour and a half.
I finally got it this clean. The picture looks better than real life. It is really pink, and I'm now taking donations for the "Becky screwed up the carpet" fund. I don't know if it'll be cheaper to replace the carpet (it is a small room) or buy a big hutch to place in this corner. I have wanted something in there for a while.
On Saturday, Kara announced she'd be making dinner. So I suggested spaghetti, since that's pretty easy. I was nervous, because last week she set a pot of macaroni and cheese on fire. But she really wanted to do it herself. She even insisted on making meatballs, though I told her it would be easier just to make a meat sauce. Of course I had to sit there and tell her exactly what to do, but I didn't touch a pan, utensil, or any food. She was very proud.
The part she was most worried about was draining the pasta, but she did fine.
Everything tasted great. She even insisted on serving everyone herself. I told her she had to make a vegetable, so she picked broccoli. I was trying to get her to put more seasonings, but she said it was the way she wanted it. So we had slightly undercooked, bland broccoli, but it was a pretty successful first dinner. It did take kind of a long time, but it was worth the wait.
Yesterday, after we came back from Kiersten's last soccer game and bowling party, Kara really wanted to sew. She ended up making a hat and mittens. They are kind of funny, but she's over the moon excited about them. I let her wear the mittens to school today, but she chose to wear a different hat, and I didn't really blame her for that.
Of course, Kiersten and Evie had to have me make them something too once they saw Kara's mittens. Kiersten asked how fast I could make a dress. I threw this together in about 15 minutes. She is pretty happy with it. She wore it to school today. I think I might need to make a belt for it, or maybe a bow for the front.
I also made her this hat a few nights ago. She asked for an all pink hat with a flower.
Evie got a purple hat with a flower.
Karalee also wanted purple, so I put a bow instead of a flower so they'd look different.
This is the skirt I ended up making for Evie. I felt badly at first, because it didn't turn out very cute, and I didn't sew straight along the waist band. But she loves it and looks cute in it, so I guess it was a success after all. She wore it to the gym, but I probably wouldn't send her to school in it.