Wednesday, November 30, 2016

GOTR Race Day 2016

Kara did not get to participate in the GOTR 5k this year, as she was in a math competition. So here she is at practice the day she was awarded the turtle to take home and decorate. The good news, is she and her team at the competition qualified for regionals. So look for her to be in more math competitions in March. 
We had a fun practice with jump ropes and hoola hoops. 

Kiersten played basketball with her friends. They struggled, because the ball was fairly flat. 
Kiersten and I were up bright and early so we could get downtown by 7:15. Ben stayed home with Evie to take Kara to the math competition. 
It was cold. They all started out in such great spirits, but we had some frozen fingers and tears by the time we were waiting for an hour. I don't think we needed to be there as early as we were. 
We got our faces painted, and wandered around to all the swag booths while waiting for the race to begin. 
The girls won some sunglasses, and got their hair spray painted. 
There was a good amount of huddling and cuddling going down. 

Here we are post race! Kiersten came in 36:06 and I came in 36:17. She knew that there were times she walked when she could have run, and is excited to beat her time next year. 
I realize that I look like a clown, but it was cold. And it's not my fault the t shirt was bright yellow. And I can't run with a purse, so brought a fanny pack. And I just happen to have blue running shoes and a pink jacket. I think the shorts are the real issue...
Kiersten manages to pull off the clown look, and still be adorable. After the 5k, she had a birthday party to attend at the nature center for some hiking and animal fun. Then, she had her last soccer game, so it was a pretty busy day.
Running mamas. We had a good time too. Someone's got to embarrass the kids, right? If not us, who? If not now, when?
One of the moms made headbands for all the girls that they received at the final celebration. They turned out super cute!
Now they get to start running their 26 total miles by April for the Go! St Louis fun run. 1 mile always seems so easy after they've had to run 3.

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