Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween Crafts

One day while my mom was here, we painted styrofoam Halloween decorations. Hers came out perfectly, of course. I told her she could take it home with her, but she didn't want to fit it in her suitcase, so we get to display it here and think of her when we see it.
I also wanted to make a new decoration for the front door, since my wreath was slightly too large, and getting smashed by the storm door a little more each year. So Ben helped me make this fun coffin, and I really like the way it turned out. I do think it could maybe still use a bow or something at the top. 

Here is the styrofoam vampire I painted with my mom. I like it fine, but still think it's a little off. Maybe too clean looking. I might dirty it up a bit for next year. 
After my mom went home, we let the girls paint/carve their pumpkins. They had a good time. I'm still waiting for someone to want to use the painting stencils that we bought on clearance a few years ago. But they always want to go with their own creative ideas. 
Kara and Kiersten carved, and Evie wanted to paint. At least she wanted to paint a base coat, and then order me around about the details.
I painted on the outlines for the face, and she filled them in, I thought some of her color choices were odd, but it looked cute in the end. She also did a lot of the hair herself after I showed her how to do the swirls with a tiny paint brush. She wanted her witch to be ugly, but not hideous. 
On the back she wanted to do a kitty. She insisted on the little magic hat. I tried to talk her out of doing that. But it looked cute in the end. Every day after school she went out to switch it around so a different face was showing. 
Kara never wants much help, and really doesn't need it either. 
Ben helped Kiersten use a drill for her design. It looked really cute close up, but was hard to see from very far away. It was 3 flowers. It did help when it was lit up.

Kara carved the symbol from "Fairy Tale", an anime that all the girls like to watch. 

I decided to make the girls trick or treat bags to match their Pokemon costumes. These were so fun and easy. I just used felt and a sharpie. I was tempted to get crazy with lace or tulle, but was glad that I reined myself in. They turned out as they should. 
Jiggly Puff was my favorite. Partially because it was the easiest, but I also just love his cute squishy face. 
Pikachu was not hard either. Pretty quick and simple. 
Squirtle took the most work, but was still not bad. I printed out a picture, then cut all the pieces out of felt, and glued it all together just like a puzzle. I loved how they turned out. 

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