Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hey Kansas City!

We have been having a really fun football season this year. Last year we had more cold rainy games, so we are feeling pretty lucky about the weather we've had so far. We've been bringing some games along for the girls, and that has been pretty fun. 

We all really liked the outfits the cheerleaders wore for the breast cancer awareness game.
We have enjoyed our seats this year. We moved to an area that is covered, though we haven't needed it yet, I still don't want to end up sitting in the pouring rain or snow again this year. It can turn into a whine fest pretty quickly when that happens. 
The girls all got pink ribbons to wear as we were walking into the stadium. 
Even KC Wolf underwent a pink makeover. The girls thought that was pretty funny. 
Whoever sits next to daddy always seems to be having the most fun. 

After one of the games we got to go down to the field for a picture. We only had to wait around for a few minutes. 

It's amazing how quickly the stadium empties out. 
It was supposed to be just Ben and me, but they were so nice and offered to let the girls come down to the field as well. 
It was pretty exciting to be down there! Too bad there was no Kelce, Houston, or Colquitt wandering around for us to bump into. 
I think the game 2 weekends ago was likely the last warm game for us. It shouldn't be too bad this weekend, but will definitely be cold. We got to our seats early enough for Kiersten and Evie to stand in the front to watch warm ups. They got elbowed out before too long, so we headed back to our seats. 
It was another nail biter, and we are ready for this weekends' game to be a little less close, hopefully. 

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