Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of Soccer season

Fall soccer is finally done. The girls had such a great time playing. 
Evie's team only won 1 game, and had a tie. None of them seemed to care. They just wanted to play and have fun. Evie was one of the few that got a goal, so she was super happy about that. I'm sure next year they'll do even better. They were all such happy, cute little players. 
Kiersten's team only lost one game. They came in first place, which was pretty exciting for them. She is getting to be a fairly good goalie, and I am impressed. I would not like having a soccer ball shot at my face, getting my hands stepped on, or kicked when trying to save a goal, etc. She loves this group of girls. 

Evie really wants to be a goalie like Kiersten, but so far, she has shined more as a forward. I guess we'll see how it goes next year. 

Kiersten played out of the goal a lot more this year, and she does love running around, and getting in the fray.

Little champions! They are still waiting for their trophies, and Kiersten has a spot saved on her shelf!

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