Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Katie's Visit and Spooks on the Loose

Katie and Rosalind came to visit us the weekend of Halloween. We have all been just dying to meet this sweet little new one. She is just a happy, good baby. 
The girls just couldn't get enough of her. After Sunday Kiersten started coming down with a bad cold, so we made her keep her distance, and that was they hardest thing for her. But she still enjoyed admiring from a distance. 
She is at such a cute age, learning to giggle, roll over, and other fun stuff. 

For trunk or treat, we decided to decorate the car to look like Pikachu. I originally wanted to do something more elaborate, maybe a big pokeball, but I put it off til the last minute. I think it turned out pretty fun for throwing it all together the morning of the event. We wrapped the car with a roll of yellow table cloth, and then cut out the facial features from 12X12 cardstock. The ears are foam board wrapped in more of the tablecloth plastic. 
Evie was very proud to have the car match with her outfit. I was shocked that we had such warm weather. I fully did not intend to wear my costume again, and had a long sleeved Halloween shirt to wear instead. But it was fabulous weather. 
I walked around for a bit with these 3 hooligans. They are non stop balls of energy. I don't know how they do it! 

The costume contest was a riot as usual. There were some truly creative costumes. 

I admit I had a good time throwing my crocheted pokeballs at all the kids that were dressed up as pokemon. Some appreciated it more than others. 
The next morning, we got up early for the girls practice 5k. It's called a practice 5k, but they do in fact run an actual 5k distance. It was warmer than I'd have liked, but not too bad. Evie had a soccer game right before this, so we had to hurry over after that. 

Kiersten wanted me to run with her, and I was glad to. I probably should have run with Kara though, because she was unable to go to the downtown 5K due to a math competition, so I got to run with Kiersten twice. Kara doesn't like me to run with her, because I won't let her just walk the whole way. 
Most of the third graders. I tried to get them all, but there were lots of them, so it was hard to get them all at once. 
A few of the rth graders. There were only about 7 of them this year. Kara ended up missing a lot of the practices because of her early morning math class. I think she was a good sport, and made the most of the practices she did attend. 
Kiersten came in just under 36 minutes. She ran all 4 laps faster than Kara finished 3. I felt that I was slowing her down. I'm now curious to see how fast she could do it if she weren't running with her slow mama. After the 5k, we took Katie to Dalies for some tasty bbq, and Kara went to a friend's house. Then we had Kiersten's soccer game later that afternoon. It was a busy day, and I had some tired girls by bed time. 
Evie disguised her turkey for school as Santa Turkey. She was excited to take it in to school. 
After Katie and Rosalind left on Sunday, Kara had a costume party at her Tae Kwon Do school. She won this candy bar in one of the competitions, so she was pretty smiley when she came home. She decided to wear her pirate costume instead of Squirtle for this party. 
Kiersten baby was sick on Halloween, so after we dropped everyone else at our friend's house for a party, we walked home, and I let her trick or treat at a few houses along the way. She was bummed, but we just had a quiet evening together spent watching Digimon and answering the door to hand out candy. She liked getting to do that. 
Instead of a cake, we made a rice krispie pumpkin in the jack-o-lantern mold. It turned out cute, and held together better than the cake did last year. 

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