Monday, November 14, 2016

Rombach's Pumpkin Farm

Grandma Boot came out for a visit in early October. She got to go to several soccer games, and one day we took the girls to Rombach's Pumpkin farm. It was a really warm day and we went a little later in the day because Kiersten had a birthday party earlier to attend. 
Some friends met us there. 

They played on the playground for quite a while when we first got there. 

Kara found a caterpillar.

They all wanted a turn to sit on the tractor. 

The haunted house is not long, and not too scary, so I don't mind walking through it. I usually avoid them. 

The kids didn't think it was as scary as they did 2 years ago. 

Lots of spooky decor. We didn't end up purchasing any pumpkins because they are way cheaper at the grocery store. 

There are lots of fun displays. 

Decision time for Ben. 

We got them wristbands to play in the inflatable village. 

They had a blast playing in there. 

I thought we would do the hayride, but after all this fun, we were ready to head home. Also, Ben hates hay on account of being allergic to the stuff. 

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