Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5th Grade Concert and Veteran's Day Assembly

Kara had a 5th grade concert. It was for the entire 5th grade, not just special chorus. It was fun to see all the kids!

They all sang so well!
For one of the songs, a bunch of kids came down to play the xylophone. Kara was sad her name wasn't drawn to play. She told me she is an excellent xylophone player. 
Love these girls! (and photo bombers...)
I told the boys to let me get a nice one, but at the last second they kept hopping back in there. 
The parents of the special chorus kids are invited to attend the veteran's day assembly along with the veterans and their families. 
The special chorus sings all of the songs for the armed forces. The different grades each join in on one of the verses, while the vets in the audience stand for their song. 

They did a great job. This is always a very moving assembly to attend. 

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