Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shriner's Circus

We took the girls to the circus in Independence when we were in town for a Chiefs game the next day. It was a surprise, so they were pretty energetic and happy when we got there. 
There were elephant and pony rides before the show, but the girls didn't want to go down for a ride. 

Ben let them each get a souvenir. Evie picked an actual souvenir, but the other 2 just ended up with sno cones. I definitely didn't mind not getting more stuff to clutter up their rooms. 

They really enjoyed the tiger show, but were all too scared to get their picture with a tiger after the show. I tried to talk them into it to no avail. 

Ben was most impressed with this high wire motorcycle and the girl hanging down. It was pretty neat. 

I have never seen a pig performance before. It was pretty impressive. They were so well trained. 

Kiersten was rather intrigued with the jugglers. That is something she would love to learn to do better. 

I was slightly disturbed when one of the elephants started skipping. It did not look like it would be good for her knees. 
Of course the grand finale was a girl being shot across the arena from a big cannon. 
We got to meet Porkchop after the show. She seemed like a very nice pig. I did not like that her name was Porkchop. It seemed disrespectful.
None of them were willing to touch her. 
I also had a birthday on which I turned 35. I got my gift back in October, so we just had some pie and kept it low key. 
 I love my sweet girls!
 Okay, so I may have had pie and carrot cake... but it was my birthday. 

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