Wednesday, August 31, 2016

KC Chiefs Training Camp

We decided to take the girls to St. Joseph for the KC Chiefs training camp. It rained almost the entire time, so there was some whining, but overall, it was rather enjoyable. 
As we were driving in, KC wolf came up to the car and played around with the girls, so that really got them in a great mood. Then at the pancake breakfast, he was wandering around, and even cooked some pancakes. 
We also met several cheerleaders and they all signed posters for the girls. Evie was the most excited about the cheerleaders. 
Ben got Evie a Travis Kelce jersey, since he's her favorite player. I don't think she even knows what position he plays, she just likes him because the announcers say his name a lot, and he's good looking. She definitely appreciates a guy with muscles.  
Ben and the girls went wandering, and I stayed put watching the practice. I did like watching, and it was more entertaining than I expected. I will admit that my true reason was that I wanted to sit there under the umbrella, and didn't want my chair to get all wet in my absence. I tried turning the girls' chairs over to stay dry, but it didn't work. It was raining too hard, so they got soaked. 

Evie got her face painted, but the rain washed it away in no time. I'm glad Ben took a picture. I didn't see if before it was smeared all over her face. 
My littlest trying out the rock wall, brave in the rain. 

Kara loves obstacle courses. 
They waited in line until they could both tackle the blow up obstacle course at the same time. Kara narrowly beat Kiersten. 
Kara gloated a little, and Kiersten insisted that it was because she was shorter, and couldn't get over the final wall as easily. She claims she was winning before that, which Kara denies. I couldn't see them in there, so I guess we'll just never know for sure. 
Evie got this balloon flower. It didn't take her very long to pop it on the grass. Lots of balloons were popping, and terrifying a little boy near us. His father had to pick him up and soothe him after every single one. I felt badly that we contributed to his anxiety. 
Ben made sure that Evie got her jersey signed by Travis Kelce. He was one of the more popular players there that EVERYONE was trying to get. Luckily, he spotted Evie on Ben's shoulders screaming wildly at him. He said, "throw it to me, sweetheart". So she got it signed. She was just over the moon about him calling her sweetheart. She's been reminding us all about it ever since. People were furious to not get him to come over, but he really stayed out there a long time, and got as many as he could. The team sent a golf cart to bring him in finally, and he still jumped off a few times to try to sign a few more things. I definitely noticed that most of the players favored the kids over the adults, and then the women over the men. So we had an advantage, and some people weren't shy about their contempt. 
Kara got lots of signatures, but was a little shy. Luckily, she's a cute kid, and didn't have to do much to get the players to come over. She was also standing next to a man with an adorable baby boy, so that helped her out as well. 
Kiersten saw her favorite player, Dustin Colquitt in the VIP area. It was making her very upset that he wasn't coming over, so I told her to wait by the fence and see if she could get his attention. It worked, and he asked one of the handlers to lift her over the fence. The handler was not happy about it, but did it anyway. I don't know if I've ever seen a bigger smile on her face. She also had one of the players run over and give her a bottle of gatorade. She was pretty proud of that also. She said she was never going to drink it, and keep it in her room forever. But I think she had it gone by the time we hit the freeway. 
A couple of the players really stayed out there a long time until they had signed every single thing being thrusted at them. They definitely looked tired, but were so great to everyone. Charcandrick West and Albert Wilson were the best. Kiersten actually got West's signature twice because he kept coming back around. 

I think she's still in disbelief that this moment actually happened. I want to print this out on canvas for her room. He has signed a jersey for her in the past at one of the games, but it was really a quick sign, and then he ran off, because he wasn't supposed to come over in the first place. So she was thrilled to have the chance to talk to him a bit, and tell him he's her favorite player, and that her dream is to be a kicker in the NFL. 

I always see pictures of Kelce, and think, "what's the big deal? He's not that amazingly attractive". But I have to say, in person, I could easily tell what Evie sees in him. He was pretty cute. I'm keeping an eye out for his reality dating show, because I'm sure she'll want to watch it. But it might make her angry, so I guess we'll see. She's pretty possessive. 
Now we are just impatiently waiting for the regular season to start!

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