Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Evie turned 6!

My Evangeline had a birthday while we were in Utah. She got to sleep over at Angie's house the night prior, and had a blast! When she got back the next day, we let her open her gifts from us and her sisters. I wanted her to open them before my parents took her shopping for her birthday gift. There were a few things she wanted so badly, that I figured she'd pick them out at the store. 
Kiersten gave her this emoji pillow. She really wanted the poop one, but we couldn't find one at the store, so Kiersten went with this. After we were home, Kara found one at party city, and bought Evie and her friend each one, so now she's got both.
Kara gave her an activity book and a game. She and Kiersten both spent the most they ever have been willing to on a sister's birthday gift. Usually Kara is trying to spend as little as she can, so I was surprised, but glad. 
Kara and Kiersten both got her a new shirt as well. 

Kung Fu Panda 3 is one of the things I was afraid she'd ask Grandpa and Grandma to buy for her. 
And she finally got the kindle she's been begging for. She was beyond thrilled to see it. 
Kara has a blue one, and Kiersten has pink, so we got her a fun green kindle. She has enjoyed having it. She does forget to plug it in sometimes, and always plays it until it dies completely. 
She was impatient for Daddy to get everything set up. 
We spent the day at the park with the kids, and then came back to my parents house for a little birthday party. She was surprised at first and asked me, "They have birthday parties in Utah?!?"
Evie sure felt like a superstar!
The boys did their teen boy thing. 
She opened more fun gifts, and loved putting on a silliness show in front of everyone while she opened. 

Despite throwing up 30 minutes into our trip home, she told us repeatedly that it had been her best day ever. They all had so much fun visiting family, and couldn't pin down a favorite thing they did. I think they each ended up with lots of fun experiences and memories!

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