Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Good Sports

The end of summer means the beginning of sports for the girls. Kiersten played in a soccer tournament at the end of July, and her team came in 4th place. They only lost one game. She still loves playing goal, but is learning a few other positions this year, and liking to run around a bit more. 

She does not get scored on very often, and has been handling it well when she does. We missed the last game of the tournament, because we were at a party. But I heard she got hit hard in the face with the ball and knocked down. I was glad to hear that she popped right back up and shook it off. 
She sure loves her soccer team and wants to play indoor soccer this winter. 
Evie wanted to take a Tae Kwon Do camp with Kara a few weeks ago. Her they are in a sword draw competition. Kara ended up winning, but it was fun to see her face off against Evie. 
On the last day Evie won the award for best self control. This is a big deal for her, as she has trouble sitting still and being quiet. I think it helped that Kara and her friends were the judges that day, but she did seem to do better that day. 

Evie has also started soccer practice with her team. She is very excited to play, but does not like how hot it's been at practice.

I guess I haven't taken any pictures at softball yet, but Kiersten decided she wanted to play fall ball. It only lasts 6 weeks, and they only have games, no practice. This past weekend, she had a softball game Friday night, another softball game Saturday at noon, and a soccer game at 4. I was surprised how well she did. She really hung in there. It was hot, and ended up raining during the soccer game. She was running a little slower than usual, but I can't fault her for that. 

Ben had a day off, so we took the girls bowling with friends. It was a good afternoon. We put all the girls on a lane together, and the adults bowled separately. We got through 3 games with plenty of time to spare at the end, while the girls barely got through 2 games. They were trying to eat lunch in between, though. 

Ben and I were also good sports at the neighborhood 80s party. I used so much hairspray, and got my hair really high. It was also crimped, but the humidity won pretty quickly, and I was left with this mess. We didn't really have any 80s clothes, but came up with passable ensembles. It was cool, so we didn't swim, but I got to sing Journey and Rick Springfield, so I consider that a success. 
It was a fun party and lots of laughs were had. I do wish I would have seen more of Ben, but he wasn't in a singing and dancing mood, I guess. 
Here are a few Six Flags pictures for the summer. I haven't taken many pictures there this year. But we've still been having fun times!

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