Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A new school year

So here is the annual fashion shoot back to school morning pictures. Kara is taking an early morning math class at the middle school this year, so every other day she has to catch the bus at 6:45. It hasn't been easy for her to get used to, but I think she's starting to adjust. On her CCL days, she is at school longer as well, so those days that she has both are very long. She is enjoying the math class so far, and really likes her teacher. I feel bad that she has so much heavy stuff to carry around this year.

She has had a great attitude so far this year, and loves 5th grade. I was looking forward to one more year of having them all in the same school, and on the bus together, but as it turns out, she is not riding with her sisters more often than she is. It will only be less frequent once chorus and girls on the run get going in the mornings.
Evie and Kiersten take at least twice as many pictures as Kara does. They just keep thinking of more poses, and it's hard to tell them no when they are being so cute.

I just had to share all of her silly poses.

They definitely encourage each other in the photo shoot posing.

Kiersten has started to have certain "go to" poses that she sticks with. But sometimes she still changes it up.

It was actually a little warm for this shirt, but she loves pandas, and insisted on wearing it anyway. I can't help but notice it hasn't yet made another appearance. I give it a month, and she'll be in it all the time.

Kara barely made it to the bus on time the first day. It was 6 minutes earlier than the time on the website. It has been reliably early, so we have adjusted her morning schedule to leave about 5 minutes earlier.
Even without Kara and a few kids that went up to middle school this year, we still have a big group at our stop.
Everyone was so cheerful and excited. There was no fighting. If only every morning could be that way.

It's hard to get used to them being gone all day. I really miss them, especially that first week. They were pretty glad to get home and relax too.

Kiersten felt extra cute one day, and requested a picture. Of course Evie needed to be in it as well. Can't let Kiersten have all the glory.
A few random pictures of the girls the last few weeks, doing their cute girl things they do.

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