Friday, August 26, 2016

The "combo party"

Evie and her good buddy Lydia have birthdays just a few days apart. They have been talking for months about wanting to have a combo party. Their dream finally came to fruition on the Saturday after we got back from Utah. They had a swim conference final in the morning, so we had the party that afternoon.

They each picked a cake with cupcakes around from Sam's club.
It was pretty low key, with us having been out of town for the 2 weeks prior. We just let them all swim and have a great time.

It is pretty funny to watch them all struggle to stay atop this fish float.
Lydia picked Super Mario bro cupcakes, and Evie chose penguins. Several kids asked me what the "theme" was for the party. I just said, it was pool party themed, haha.
They had lots of buddies, and some kids were just at the pool, so we invited them over for pizza and cake too.

We also invited siblings, so Kara and Kiersten had some friends there too.
For a party favor, we gave all of the kids a big inflatable ball. They sure a had a good time with those.
I had to share this one, as I was laughing hysterically when I uploaded it.

The girls really wanted a piñata, so we set it up in the parking lot of the pool. They wanted this cupcake and ice cream piñata, even though it was the kind with pull strings. They couldn't be talked out of it, so we grabbed it. It actually was pretty funny to see so many kids all gathered around holding the strings, especially the bigger kids.
Candy madness.

I didn't notice til I saw this picture that Evie was out there with just one sandal. The black top was really hot too. I guess you just do what you gotta do for candy.
After the pool closed, we went back to our friends' house with some of the party guests and let the girls open the gifts.
It was crazy chaos, but they were so excited. My friend was awesome and wrote down all the gift givers for both girls.

The big girls started to get bored after at least 15 minutes of opening.

It was a fun birthday party, and a successful "combo". I'll admit it's been nice not hearing about it constantly these past few weeks. But no telling how long it'll take them to start conspiring about their next big endeavor.

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