Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fish stories

We decided to spend a day fishing at Horseshoe Lake. 
It is such a pretty area. 

We didn't have much luck, but that doesn't stop Kiersten. She will just keep casting away all day. 

Evie was excited to go out on the boat with Papa. 
It was pretty windy, so they kept getting blown back in, and didn't stay out too long. 

I heard a plop, and then noticed a dead fish floating a few feet out. I decided to hook it's fin with my line and drag it over. I originally was going to trick Ben into thinking I caught it, but realized I would probably not be able to convince him. 
But I made Evie take my picture with the fish anyway, haha.
This bald eagle was flying around all day. I suspect it may have dropped the dead fish, because I found it right after this big guy flew over me. I waited and waited for him to fly again for a good picture, but it was still perched up there when we left. 

Ben decided to take Kara out in the boat for a bit, but they didn't catch anything either. 
Grams made a fire, and I helped the little girls make s'mores. 

Kara eventually gave up on any fish being in the lake and decided to hunt for some bugs. 

Ben wanted to get a few shots of the Tetons in the background on our way back.
We got as cleaned up as possible, and then headed over to Aunt Vickie's house for Grandma Hill's birthday party. There were a lot of people there that I haven't seen forever. It was fun to catch up. 
Ben got in the middle of the kids' water balloon fight. Things got crazy, and kids were made to cry. 
Kara and Kiersten ended up hiding under the table. Mason spotted them, and for a second looked like he was going to let 'em have it, but then played nice, and moved on to get his brother. 
The next morning we got packed up to head over to Ben's mom's cabin in Island Park. The girls tried to get as much time playing with the dogs as they could. 
On the way we stopped at Mesa Falls. The lower falls was first, and Ben totally got yelled at for hanging my baby over the wall like that!

Kiersten and Kara wanted to get informed about the falls. 

This is the rocky cliff I imagined the kids were about to tumble down. 

Jason met us there, and the girls took turns pulling him around and climbing up on him. 
We stopped at the upper Falls as well, and hiked over. 
I get so frustrated trying to get a picture that captures how it feels to be there. I just can't quite get the right one. 

The girls always look for unicorns hiding in the spray. Someone always catches a glimpse of a horn or hoof. 

It is gorgeous! And terrifying! Those unicorns must be very brave to live under there. 

Taking a stairs break. 
Evie was hesitant to pose for this picture because she didn't want to step off the path due to all the signs warning you not to. 

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