Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Utah

We drove from Idaho to Utah to visit more family. The kids were so happy to be reunited with all of their cousins. 
After we got to my parent's house, we all walked down to the park for the kids to play and so Angie could take some senior pictures for Makayla. 
They all had a great time running around, and the teenagers walked around looking for Pokemon. 

Makayla and Troy were flying out that evening. We were glad to see them, but sad it was for such a short time. 
Jackie and her family also had to leave that evening, so the kids were not happy to see them go! Next time we will hopefully see them for longer. 
We decided it would be fun to hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. Chris and Jayden got there the same time as us, and we all waited for the rest to arrive. 
It was not too hard a hike, but we did accidentally take the harder way up with some of the smaller kids. They all made it though. It was rather steep in parts, and covered in really loose rocks. 

It was a nice day for hiking. 
Some of the braver kids got up in the water, but most of them stayed back. 
Evie was a slippery little one, and I had to save her from falling a few times. It was good that she stuck right near me. 

We took the easy path back down. Someone on a higher part of the path knocked down a huge rock that narrowly missed Kiersten and Kyrie. They were both upset, and actually lucky it did not hit them, 
Kara and Kiersten rode with Shelly, so we took Afton and Evie with us. It was July 11th, so we stopped at 711 for free slurpee day. Did you know they make sugar free slurpees? I did not. 
The kids wanted to play, so we went to Seven Peaks amusement park. We signed up for passes so we could also do the water park on the next day. 
Kara and Laynee on the rock wall. They were pretty quick at it, and climbed several times. 
Evie was a pretty good little climber, but very slow. It seemed like she was up there forever. 
Kiersten and Kyrie did well also. I think they got to the top. 
Ben talked me into climbing with him. It's been a while for me. I felt like I was going to slip off the foothold, but did not. 
I beat Ben to the top. This picture is right before he jumped down. He said he didn't even have to rappel down. He just slammed right to the ground really fast. 
The kids rode the go karts while we were waiting for our turn at laser tag. 

It was a fairly small track, and adults were not able to ride in these small karts.

Evie said this ride was really scary, lol. 
It started to feel really hot after being out there for a while. I was relieved to go in for laser tag. 
The bumper boats were a welcome relief for the kids from the heat. They were almost all soaking wet by the end. 

We all played mini golf, but such a large group naturally broke off to smaller groups. I stayed mostly with Ben, Evie, Jayden, Chris, and Kiersten. Kiersten kept running up to catch up to Kyrie, but made sure to come back and tell us her score on each hole. I barely saw Kara the entire time we were there. 

After we left, my parents met us at Pier 49 for the best pizza ever! We always eat there when we visit. These 3 monkeys were thick as theives. 
These 3 were good buddies too. They went off to a separate booth so they could "have privacy". So Ben went and sat with them, haha. They get along so well that it makes me feel guilty for living so far away. 
The rest of us sat all together in the open part of the restaurant. It was tasty, and I will definitely be going back the next chance I get. 

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