Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This year we were home for Thanksgiving, and did not have any guests. We missed our extended family, but we enjoyed our laid back day. While Ben was playing football, Evie helped me set the table and make the pies.
I didn't buy them Thanksgiving outfits this year, so they just had to scrounge up these outfits from their closets.

Ben makes most of the food for our holiday meals, since I make dinner the rest of the time. I still try to help out here and there. He is an awesome cook.
We had leftover pumpkin pie filling, so he made me a fancy pumpkin drink.
A nice and easy day together.
Of course, we were both thankful to have each other!
We set up the tree on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It's a lot of work and the girls have so much fun helping out.
I pretty much just put hooks on ornaments and let them hang the majority.
Sneak peek at the Christmas attire for this year. I wasn't a fan of the dress Kiersten bought, but it looks adorable on her. She can certainly pull it off. She added her little shrug because the other 2 bought dresses that came with them. I like the way it tied them together.
Ben made sure our traditions of drinking cocoa and listening to Frank Sinatra were followed through.
A couple from my birthday. I turned 34.

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