Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GOTR and basketball

Here are a few pictures I totally forgot to post from Kara's Girls on the Run 5K on Nov 14th. It was pretty cold, but not as bad as last year. She was excited to wear her sunglasses she got at FOX news when her team was on the morning show.
The coaches all brought cans of colored hairspray. The girls also made matching tutus at their last practice.
Ready to go. I was actually pretty anxious to get started in order to warm up a bit.
There was music and dancing before the race. I don't think they realized all the extra exercise they ended up getting.

It was nice to be right by the start line. We got great pictures, and were finished quickly, so it was easy to get out of there before the rest were finished.
They were pretty excited about the Blues Bear. I didn't know the blues had a mascot.
They ended up with their picture with him on the blues website for a day or two, so that was fun.
It was a great group of girls and coaches.
Her time was 36:18! She was trying to beat last years time which was almost 50 minutes, so I was very proud. As soon as she saw the sign that said "mile 3", she picked it up, and sprinted to the finish line. We were both glad to head home for a little rest.
Her basketball season has also started. She's been practicing for about a month, and the first game was Saturday morning. They had team pictures first, so we were up and at 'em nice and early.
She is liking her new coach, except for the laps he makes them run, lol.

This is how Evie spectates at an early Saturday morning game.
And Kiersten. She is a little intense in the morning.
Kara had great defense, and even took a few shots. She only had one basket go in, but I'm sure she'll get better and better with each game. It's not easy being one of the shortest girls out there, but her arms are so long that I think she'll have a growth spurt soon. About 2 years ago she was one of the taller kids in her grade. I told her to eat more wheaties.
The little girls got bored. It's not their favorite thing to do.
Evie kept insisting that her tongue was touching her nose. I finally took a picture so she could see that it actually wasn't quite there.
In the end, the Fireballers won 34-6. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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