Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kiersten's Wampanoag project

For school, Kiersten was assigned to do a project about the Wampanoag Indians.
I taught her to hand sew, so she could make an outfit for her Pocahontas barbie to model. We found some felt that looked like animal skin, so that is what she used. She was very excited to sew it all by herself. 
She also used a lighter colored felt to make some moccasins. she had a harder time sewing those, but managed to do it. 
We used paper baking cups for baskets. I just helped her hot glue twine around the outside. 
She cut a bunch of fish out of felt. She can tell you the 3 types of fish that the Wamanoags ate, but I have forgotten. One of them is herring. 
She also made a duck and goose out of the felt. 
We used felt and yellow pony beads to make little ears of corn. 
She wanted to play with all of the little food, but I convinced her to glue it all into the baskets so it wouldn't fall out and get lost at school. 

She also made a spear, which was one of the fishing methods. She also looked at the pictures in her book to design a necklace that looked like what they would have worn. It took me 10-15 minutes to fix the barbie's hair, and get it straight again. Then she decided to braid it, lol. 
I had her paint a shoe box lid blue to be the river, and base for her project. She made a canoe out of modeling clay. She studied the pictures in her book for quite a while trying to make sure it looked right. Ben had the idea of using a branch to mold the clay around. That really helped make the texture look right. 
She was very excited to take her project to school. She said her presentation went very well. She came home happy and talking non stop about how much fun she had. 

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