Thursday, December 17, 2015

Flag ceremony

Ben and Kara had the chance to be in the flag ceremony at the Chiefs game this past weekend. Kiersten was very jealous. She hopes to participate when she is older. The day before we left, Kara asked for a Chiefs santa hat to wear. So I made her this one on the car ride to KC, I wish I'd had time to make an arrowhead, but I was lucky to get it finished at all. 
Ben got lots of pictures during the practice run. Seems like it was pretty neat to be in the tunnels. 
It was pouring rain all morning, but they didn't let that dampen their spirits. I sat in the car with the little girls while they were in the stadium practicing. Luckily we had lots of electronic devices to keep everyone occupied.
They were excited to see the players arriving for the game. Ben can tell you whoever this is, I'm sure. Most of the player pics he got were blurry, as they were walking past, but a few turned out. 
He was steps away from Kiersten's hero, and didn't even tell him that our 7 year old is his #1 fan. 
Ben was thrilled to be down on the field, walking along the grass where all the action goes down. He said it was pretty muddy along the sides. 
I tried to get some shots of them waiting along the sideline before the game, but it was raining so hard, most of the shots didn't turn out. 
They ran across the wet field so fast that Kara lost footing and was slipping under the flag, so Ben had to grab her and carry her the rest of the way. 

There was so much water on the flag, that it couldn't really "wave" all that well. Ben said it was ridiculously heavy. 
They did their best to send as many ripples as possible. 
Rolling it back in. I was surprised how long it took them to get back to our seats. Ben said that almost everyone left right away, so there wasn't a lot of help to get it unclipped and put away. 
Kara says she'd be interested in doing this again if given the chance... as long as it isn't raining. 

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

What a great opportunity for Ben and Kara. It's too bad it rained so hard.