Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

 This year on Christmas Eve morning we boarded the Disney Wonder for a 4 day Christmas cruise. It left from Galveston, so it wasn't a very picturesque port to leave from.
 We paid for the photo package this time, so I'll do another post with the professional photos we got once I get the CD downloaded.
Kiersten and Evie were excited to be back on "Ariel's ship".
 This gingerbread house smelled so good! The girls spent lots of time by it looking at all the fun details.
 After we sailed away, there was a tree lighting ceremony with the characters. It was really crowded. We sent the girls down front to sit, so I couldn't actually see them from the back to get a picture. I imagine they were down there having a fantastic time.
 We also went to the family "Mickey Mania" game. There were barely enough people there to play, so I was the only audience member. Kiersten was in the bathroom, so she missed her chance to go on stage with Ben, Kara, and Evie.
 Since I was the only audience member, I got to answer the questions that the contestants got wrong. Then I got to decide who got the points. I gave points to all the other teams except my green goofies, because they were already winning. Even with my giving points away, they still creamed the competition. I was disappointed in Ben and Kara's lack of Ratatouille knowledge.
 Winners medals!
 Kiersten came back from the bathroom part way through to cheer them on.
 Kiersten and I got medals as well since I was the best audience member ever, and knew all the answers that came my way.
 I loved all of the holiday decorations.
 Once lit, the Christmas tree was a sight to behold.
Kara was disappointed to see the tree was supported by cables. But with the waves and rocking we experienced on this trip, I can definitely see why they were needed.
 Our room hostess left us with cute towel snowmen. I saw several babies and toddlers the next day wearing the little hats.
we packed along a gift for the girls to open on Christmas Eve.  
 They were pajamas. Kara's matched with Ben and mine. The little girls got more princessy ones.
 The captain made an announcement that he had received a request for a sleigh to land on deck. So we all went to the atrium to see who it was. The girls had front row seats in their new jammies.
 The air was alive with anticipation.
 First there was a little show, which I liked. The girls were anxious for it to get done so they could see who the mystery guest would be.
 It was Santa. He was only stopping for a few minutes, as he had a busy night ahead. So I didn't get too great of pictures of him.
 All of the characters came out for a dance party.
 Anna and Elsa came too, and made it snow. I didn't get a good shot of them, as they were only there briefly.
 My fancy pjs.
 Evie decided to get in on the conga line!
 And then her sisters joined in too.
 Kara took a few moments to appreciate the snow before announcing to her little sisters that it was really just soap.
We ran into the cruise director by the elevators afterward, and asked if there were somewhere we could get milk and cookies for Santa. So he brought out the room service director, who asked the girls what kind they'd like, and what kind of milk. So that was fun that we could set out some cookies for hard working Santa! And we may have eaten a few ourselves.
It was a very magical Christmas Eve, and we hurried off to bed so the big guy could get to work and be on his merry way.

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