Friday, November 13, 2015

Kara stuff

Kara bear tested for the stripe on her green belt at Tae Kwon Do on Friday. She was the least nervous I've seen her for a test so far.

She did a pretty great job, as did all the kids. I'm always impressed that they can remember all of their forms and routines.

Kicks are one of her strong points, so that is great for Tae Kwon Do.

She earned the stripe. We had to hurry out of there because I was doing a 5K afterward. We cut it pretty close, but Ben dropped me off about 5 minutes before the start of the race.
She has also been participating in special chorus this year. This was something she really wanted to do, but Ben and I weren't so sure. She is a pretty busy kid, and I didn't know if she could handle another thing. They practice before school one day a week, so it hasn't been too hard for her after all.
She had her first concert on Tuesday at the Veteran's day assembly. She was very concerned about not having shoes that were all black. She said her teacher had really emphasized that they had to be straight black with no other color on them. So she ended up wearing her crocs. But it turned out that there were a few kids with non black shoes. I will have to get her some black shoes before the next concert so she will not stress about it.
The rest of the kids got to sit in on the gym floor for the assembly. They also had a singing part at the end. It was very sweet. I wish I had taken a video.
The girls were excited after the assembly when they spotted me there.
Evie wanted me to walk her back to class, and was disappointed that I had to leave. When she got home, she wrote a very cute story about soldiers and how much she loves them. I was very glad to see that she had been touched by attending this assembly. These kids sure give a parent lots of reasons to beam with pride.

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