Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Wonder!

On Christmas morning the girls were excited to awake to filled stockings. Poor Kiersten had woken up and puked at 4 AM, so she was a little groggy at first. I think it was the combo of mushroom soup, steak, shrimp, and chocolate chip cookies she had eaten the night prior. She felt fine the rest of the day.

Everyone was pleased to find their stockings full of tsum tsums, the obsession du jour.

Kara and Kiersten were thrilled to get kindle fires. They were also quite excited about some of the games that were already on them.
Evie received a "clever keet", which she named Trevor. Now we call him Trevorkeet. She would have been perfectly content to spend the rest of the cruise in our room playing with it, but we did make her leave to enjoy some activities.
What a way to wake up on Christmas morning!

We were signed up to make gingerbread houses at 9 AM , so had to kind of hurry to get ready and have breakfast. The executive pastry chef was there to instruct us all, and made every step look so effortless. The gingerbread was fresh, and smelled really good. It was not easy to keep the girls from just eating it straight off the platter.
Evie did help herself to plenty of candy though.
We were finished pretty fast. In fact, I think we were the first ones done. It looked really cute, but didn't even last more than a few hours. It was super tasty.

The girls wanted to stand in line for Santa to thank him for their gifts, Kiersten already asked for her gift for next year. He told her she'd better get started on being really well behaved.
Evie threw an inexplicable fit about going to meet Anna and Elsa. So Ben had to have a talk with her. She just couldn't get past the thought of Trevorkeet sitting all alone in the room, not being played with. I didn't take pictures with the princesses, since we had the photo package. So I'll share those later.
Because it wasn't super warm, the pools weren't too crowded. We don't mind the mild weather, so the girls were happy to be out there playing. That is Kara at the bottom of the slide.

They got plenty of chances, as the line was never very long. I'll take 75 degree weather if it means the kids get to play more in the pools. By mid day it was up into the 80s.
Beautiful Christmas Day! One of my favorite ever.
I missed my chance to get a photo of the tables that were around the gingerbread house earlier that day. All kinds of Christmas cookies, and fancy cakes, and sweets of all sorts. I tried a handmade chocolate heart, and it was pretty and tasty. I'm hoping Ben got a picture with his phone for our scrapbook.

After dinner we went to the goofy pool and watched Mulan. It was ridiculously windy, so we were the only ones there. The girls didn't mind, because they couldn't feel the wind down in the pool. It started to rain for a bit, so I sat in the covered hot tub. Our shoes blew away,  so that was interesting trying to find them all. The lounge chairs were blowing all over the deck as well. I had to make my self a towel turban, because my hiar was driving me insane blowing everywhere.

Ice cream before bed ins't too bad a way to end Christmas day!

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