Thursday, December 31, 2015


We were in Cozumel, Mexico the day after Christmas. When we were here with my parents, we went to the ruins, and the girls didn't exactly love that. So this time, we got a day pass for a beach resort.
These iguanas were certainly bigger than the ones we saw at the ruins 2 years ago.
The resort was beautiful. There were several pools, but we just wanted to be on the beach.

I wish Missouri was like this!
We were there early, and the girls were the first to hit the beach! We had gorgeous weather instead of the forecasted rain. It was a pleasant surprise, especially since we were prepared for the weather to not be great.
Definitely not a crowded beach. I would love to stay at this resort if we ever go back to Cozumel outside of Disney Cruiselines.

Kara immediately got busy digging a big hole.
Kiersten was eager to get wet.
Evie wanted to swim as well. She started out nervous about the waves, but quickly got more confident.

Kiersten loves to snorkel. She asked about going for days, so we were glad to find it was available.

They had to go out kinda far to find some fish. Ben said they saw a couple fish in a fight to eat each other.

Collecting coral. Isn't life grand?

I went out snorkeling as well, but didn't stay out too long after I accidentally inhaled a huge gulp of sea water. It hurt to breathe for about an hour after, and I was coughing up piles of salt.
Evie decided to try snorkeling as well. She didn't want to go too deep though, so I don't think she saw anything exciting.

Can you see Kara down in her hole? Evie made friends with that boy in the blue shirt. They had a fun time together.
Even I could fit in Kara's hole in the sand.

The girls wanted a picture with one of the iguanas. They were able to get fairly close.
So Ben decided to chase and try to catch it.
We were all surprised when Evie picked up a stick and announced her intention to kill him. Moment ruined...
After lunch we played on the beach for a few hours more.
And we went out on a sail boat.

Ben chased a another iguana, and then we got a ride back to the port.

Evie wanted a picture with the Hooters owl. They wouldn't let her use the bathroom unless we bought something.
Lookin' good Ben!
Ben did a little shopping, and then we headed for the ship.

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