Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a visit from the Disney fairy!

This first picture is just a cute Kiersten pic. It has nothing to do with the rest of the post, I just wanted Ben to be able to see it at work. Love those dimples. A few weeks ago, Ben was showing me some stuffed animals on they were the ones we saw at disneyland for $50 or more. on the site, they were discounted to $40 and they were also buy one, get one free. I said I was cool with that, and picked out Dumbo for Kiersten. He mentioned later that he got a couple other things, but I didn't think too much about it. On monday afternoon, when we got home, Kara started freaking out over 2 huge boxes on the porch. (she loves getting packages) I brought them in, and made the girls wait for Daddy to come home, because he always likes to be there for those types of things. I couldn't figure why the boxes were so large for a couple stuffed animals. I would soon see why.
Kara got this cute Pooh Bear.
and Kiersten loves her new Dumbo.
They also got these adorable parkas. you can't really tell, but Kiersten has Tinkerbell, and Kara has Aurora.
Then, Kara also had this sweatshirt,
and this new bathrobe, and I'm not sure if you can see the Nemo flip flops,
and this tiara,
and these 2 sets of pajamas,
and this dress.
Since Kara got all those clothes, he had to get something for Kiersten too. (I guess they didn't have a lot of clothing in her size) So she got this princess shopping cart! Both girls love it. It came with a bunch of canned food and milk cartons. I thought it was funny that all the play food is organic. ha!
I hope they know how spoiled they are. Here are the 2 princesses enjoying one of the boxes that it all arrived in.

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Josh and Jackie said...

Wow they sure are spoiled but it must be so hard when you have two adorable little girls! They are both getting too big.