Friday, July 17, 2009


I can't figure out where this week went. I had every intention of getting to costco on monday to do some grocery shopping, and now it's friday, and I still haven't had a chance to go. I guess part of it is because my gym changed their kid's club program from paying per visit, to paying monthly for unlimited visits. The $40 that used to get me 10 visits, now gets me a whole month, so I've been going to the gym every day instead of just tuesday, thursday, and sunday. What happened to the rest of my time, I still don't know. I'm sure all the errands Ben needed done didn't help my cause either. maybe next week will be a quiet week, we'll see.
Today Ben is taking a test for work, and when the test is done, he gets to come home. I am hoping he'll be done by 2 or 3. That will be so nice to have the afternoon together. The other good news is that the branch hours are changing to 8:30-5. He will get to sleep in longer every morning and get home earlier every night. I'm sure he wont always leave by 5, but some nights he will, and I'm excited to think about having dinner at 6pm instead of 8.
Here are some recent pics of the girls to brighten your day! Ben took this picture as part of a joke with a co-worker, but it's still a funny shot, even if you don't know the reason behind it.
my cute Kiersten- ator! I just LOVE this girl!
I just LOVE this girl too. See what her blocks are spelling out? Daddy helped her, obviously.

a cute drawing. 3 year olds are so creative. What I love about 3 year olds, is they lke to do everything. Teens and adults usually have more focused interests, but Kara loves to draw, write, dance, sing, make up songs, make up stories, play every sport, read books, watch movies, swim, go any place you'll take her, and whatever else she can think of doing.

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Lindsay said...

Your girlies are darling! They look so much like you!

What I wouldn't give for dinner at 6 instead of at 7:30 or 8. Blake's office hours go until 6, and if he's lucky he gets to leave then. And then it's an hour subway commute from his office in Manhattan to our place in Brooklyn. We like to have dinner as a family, but it's rough sometimes.