Tuesday, July 7, 2009

home again!

We are back from our idaho trip! It was lots of fun, and well worth the 11 hour drive each way, but we're glad to be home now. The sad news is that poor Bubbles the fish died while we were gone. Ben set up the automatic feeder at the last minute as we were headed out the door, and it was set to drop WAAAYY too much food. as soon as we walked in the house we could smell it. then I saw the fish bowl. It was full of food, and food was all over the counter and floor. I could barely see in the water because it was so cloudy, pink, and thick, but I finally saw poor Bubbles floating, totally bloated near the top. R.I.P. Bubbles. Sniff. Daisy was okay, but it was clear that she had eaten all of her food a little ahead of time. Poor thing has been getting petted, picked up, and followed non-stop this morning by both kids. We were going to do fireworks last night, but Kara decided she wanted to go to bed, so we all followed her lead. I'll update about the trip and post pictures later, but now I have to hurry off to the gym to work off all the extra stuff I ate this week!

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VicandNanc said...

Oh, that is so sad about Bubbles! What a bummer!