Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Papa's house!

We took so many pictures in Idaho, I decided to break them up into seperate posts. Most of our trip was spent with Ben's dad and step-mom. Both girls just love their Papa and Grams. Here is Kara riding a horse. Kiersten got a turn to ride too.
Kiersten absolutely LOVES Duke. He is pretty terrified of her though. She spent a lot of time chasing him around, trying to pet him.
They had this cute bike for Kara to ride. She spent a lot of time on it, riding all around the yard.
Kara loves her Papa.
Both girls also really loved holding, petting, and pretty much pestering poor Boo-Paw.
Lana came home from work with this swimming pool one day. It was fun for the kids, and the animals liked drinking there.
more pool fun.
getting a shower.
They also had this fun riding toy for Kiersten to play with. She really liked it.
Ben and Kerry put up a chain link fence to keep the girls away from the canal.
feeding the horses.
Kiersten baby and Mr. Doodle.
Kiersten kept getting jealous of Kara getting her hair done, so I gave her a pony tail for the first time. it didn't stay in very well, though.
Kara petting Jebby.
Kiersten loved Jeb. She even sat on him for a few seconds before he ran away.
Papa and Grams relaxing.
Kara really wanted Duke to jump through this hoop. She did finally get him to do it twice after about 20 tries.
Kara and Duke played lots of fetch. If they were both outside, there was usually a ball getting thrown or caught.
We still have tons of pics from our trip, so I will probably do another update tomorrow!

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VicandNanc said...

I loved that tiny littly pony on Kiersten! The picture on top from the 4th turned out really cute. I didn't realize how patriotic that blanket looked!