Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kara's new dance class

Kara started her new toe, tap, and tumble class today. She did really well, especially with the ballet portion at the end. She instantly made friends with this little girl, Sara. They wanted to be right next to each other with no space to move between them. This new teacher is a LOT better than her last teacher. She is a lot more patient with the girls, and doesn't have as hard of a time keeping them in line. She also prefers that the parents stay to watch the class, but doesn't expect or need us to discipline the kids to make them pay attention. I also like this class better because she gets to learn tumbling and tap dancing along with ballet. Oh, and I also like it because it is on saturday so I can leave Kiersten home with Ben, or he can take her if I don't want to go. Kara had to wear her church shoes (or as she calls them, her "fancy shoes") because I just signed her up on thursday, so I didn't recieve the information yet in the mail. I wasn't sure if she needed them or not. No big deal, she'll have them next week. Kara is 4th from the left. (the one whose mom obviously forgot the tights!)
they are sooo cute. She already learned so much in her first class. I don't think she learned as much in her full 6 weeks of creative movement ballet. Again, she is 4th from the left.

they learned a cute seahorse dance. Kara was the best at pliƩs.
this was part of the tumbling portion of the class.

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VicandNanc said...

These are so cute, I bet it is so fun to watch her grow & laugh at her awkward silly moves :) I'm glad she has a better teacher too. Both Katie & I started out with a tumble/ballet class for the first couple of years too.