Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taphus Park zoo

We went to the zoo with Ben's mom, Vicky. The girls really LOVE going to the zoo. Here we all are checking out the flamingos. Kiersten was too cute in her little visor. here she is at the monkey house. Although, I don't think I caught any monkeys in this picture. Oh well.
Kara walking with Grandma and Daddy.
Looking at something... maybe penguins?Kiersten woke up just in time to drink from the lion fountain.
posing with a lion. she wasn't too excited about that.
Kara loves posing! I'll never forget when Ben thought this was an escaped tiger a few years ago. He jumped back to protect Kara and me. so thoughtful. hehehe.

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Josh and Jackie said...

Fun zoo pics I need to take Cash one of these days! He hasn't been since he was really little and didn't even know what was going on. I'm glad you all had a fun Vacation too. Oh and I love your outfit in the fourth of July picture at the top...So so so Cute! Anywho love you guys and miss you!