Friday, July 10, 2009

More from Idaho!

We had a bbq with Ben's friend Aerik. they have this fun bouncy house that the kids played in all night. They sure had a fun time.

We took the girls and Katie to Rigby lake. The water was pretty cold at first, but we all had lots of fun. Kara even dunked her head under the water. There were lots of people there.
Here she is playing in the sand.Ben was not a fan of the cold water. We bought that yellow floatie you can see on the sand, but Kiersten absolutely hated it. Kara was too heavy for it, so that was a pretty good waste of $$.
Katie let Kara throw sand all over her.a picture of us before our sunburns showed up. they actually weren't too bad. I guess we should have been more prepared, but we just aren't used to having to worry about the sun here in good ol' washington.

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