Monday, July 20, 2009

love the weekend!

I was just leaving costco friday afternoon around 1, when Ben called to say he was done with his test early and on his way home. That was exciting, so we hurried home and got there just a few minutes after he did. It was such a great afternoon, and I kept getting confused and thinking it was saturday. We decided to take the girls to the drive-in to see Ice age 3 and Night at the museum 2. It was fun, but I wish we had remembered bug spray! Ben and I both have a few mosquito bites. Luckily, I don't think the girls got any. we took a couple pictures, but they're on Ben's phone, and he's at work, sorry.
Here is a cute picture of Kiersten, showing off her little tuft of hair. I just like this picture, how Kara snuck in the back and looks crazy! We woke up early saturday to go to NW trek with a friend of Ben's and his son. I like this picture of Kara looking up at Ben. This was while we were waiting for the tram.
Kiersten and mommy waiting for the tram. Above Kiersten's hand, is John and Zack.
Kiersten checking out a mountain goat. I guess I was already done looking at him.
They came back to our house for lunch, and the kids played. They were so cute and happy. It was lots of fun. Ben grilled some hotdogs, which I usually don't like, but these ones were good. I actually would have eaten a second one if we'd had any left.
That evening we decided to go to dinner with the girls. We ended up going to outback. I love the Sydney's sinful sundae dessert, but since they ran out of the toasted coconut that goes on it, we got it on the house. Always a good thing. Here they are playing ring around the rosie while we were waiting for daddy to finish his nap, so we could go.
Kiersten is so cute singing the little song. I love when she says, "all fall down!" of course it sounds more jibberish-y, but I couldn't think of how to write it like she says it.
Sunday, Ben finally mowed the back lawn. (he hasn't done it since we came back from idaho!) I dug up some dandelions and broke down cardboard to go in the recycling bin. we planned on going to the nursery to get the trees we still need for the yard, but Ben decided he wants to change plans back there. so now we need to wait for estimates before we decide on anything. Our neighbor was having their carpets cleaned, which we really needed to get done too, so Ben went and asked if they could do ours. He said he would come do ours when he was finished there, so we cleared the furniture out of our bedroom, Karalee's room, the familyroom, the playroom, and the livingroom. I love having nice, clean carpets again. While he was working, we put Kiersten down for a nap, and sent Kara to the guestroom to watch a movie. I headed out back to work on my never-ending project, the fence. I finally finished all but 2 sections. I did the front side and the gate right before Kiersten was born. Then, by the time I felt recovered from having her, and we were done travelling to show her off, it was in the rainy season, so I couldn't get it finished. I started working on it again in may, but I have to do it on the weekends, so the girls can stay inside with Ben, and usually on nice weather weekends we like to take the kids somewhere fun. So I have been out there staining 4 different times, and still not quite done. the part of our fence that the neighbor built really soaks up the stain, and is hard to cover. It's just not very good wood. Hopefully I'll be able to finish up the next time I get a chance to go out. Maybe this week I can get both the girls to nap at the same time, and just take out a baby monitor with me.
Both girls have been coughing yesterday and today. Kara was up all night, coughing and crying. I've had a really sore throat all weekend, so I think we may have a bug. I figure I'd better not take them to the gym this morning. I am going to call the pediatrician today and see if I should bring them in. It doesn't seem like the right time of year for this to be starting!


VicandNanc said...

I remember painting our fence white on old wood... 3 thick coats! It took forever with both Vic & I working all day straight for 3 days. I was going to say something else, but I forgot! haha :)

Ben and Becky said...

update on the girls: Kiersten has an infection in her right ear, that the dr. said looks like it is on the verge of getting worse, so we caught it just in time. Poor Kara has a really bad double ear infection and the dr. said she has a 20% chance of developing pnemonia from this bug! So good thing we are getting them on a prescription now. I'm just surprised that the infection is so bad and she has only been sick for 2 days. It's not like I was putting off the dr. visit or anything. it'll be a fun week with these 2 grumpy girls!

Josh and Jackie said...

having fun