Monday, August 3, 2009

If we ever really need somewhere to live in a hurry...

the girls and I could make us a house out of nothing but a cardboard box! Here is a picture of Karalee and Kiersten decorating the little house I duct taped together. These are the boxes their Disney stuff came in. I thought this one was funny of both girls working on the inside.
Kara peeking out the side window.
Another shot of them coloring and stickering. In this pic, you can see Kara's mattress. It was so hot upstairs, so we brought down her bed and the mattress from our guest bed to sleep in front of the a/c.
Kara pretending to nap in the finished house.
I told Kiersten to say "hi dad", and she did.
cute girls at lunch. Kiersten was so excited to sit at the bar with Kara.
this is one of the contenders to be enlarged for a wall photo. I can't decide if I want to do it b&w or leave the color. I really like how blue her eyes are.
this is the one I probably like best for Kiersten. I might want to do more photos, and have them sit in front of a solid background, so we have less photoshopping to do.
Here they are just being silly getting ready for the gym. We've seen so much of the sun lately, and my girls freak out if we go anywhere in the car without their sunglasses. they're just not used to so much brightness.

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VicandNanc said...

Those are cute pictures... I'd say to do it in black & white & then leave the eyes blue for a more dramatic effect. Their Disney packages look fun, especially their house! That if funny Ben had so much fun ordering all that other stuff, who knew he was such an online shopper! I really can't see Vic doing that, but maybe it'll change, especially cuz he's so excited to have a boy.