Wednesday, June 24, 2009

poor baby!

Bad news everyone. Ben is on his way to the hospital again for his throat. He called to tell me that he got food stuck in his throat at lunch. So we are waiting for him to call us to come pick him up. It always seems to happen on his first bite of meat. (which he said was cut really small) but then he ends up missing his meal, and not being able to swallow anything for several hours. He's been at the hospital for at least an hour now. I was really hoping they would be able to just give him muscle relaxers to get it down, but I think he'd have called by now if that were the case. so he is probably going to have to have it removed surgically. I guess we should have learned our lesson on christmas and gotten his throat enlarged again. I'm sure he'll definitely be needing the procedure now. Hopefully we he can be okay to wait until we come back from Idaho. He was telling me how he really needed to work late every day this week, so I don't think he can miss any more work. especially after missing half a day today. :(


VicandNanc said...

Ha! Ben told me about this & ya he should have known he was due for a good ol' throat stretching! I'm just glad you didn't have to do it while trying to enjoy your vacation! I'm SO excited to see you guys tomorrow!!

Josh and Jackie said...

Poor ben this always happens to him..Let him know we feel for him. Love you guys