Sunday, March 4, 2012

The girls celebrated Dr. Suess day at school, and were very excited to come home and tell Evie all about it.

Kara had an idea to make a count down calendar to count the days til we all see daddy and move to St. Louis. So I let them color strips of plain white paper to make a paper chain advent calendar.

Kiersten's strips all had so much detail. She only did about half as many as Kara did.

Here they are with the finished paper chain. I was going to print out a picture of Ben's face for the top, but got feeling lazy, and just wrote the words, "moving day". sorry Ben. Luckily Evie was aslep while they did this, so it went well.

When Evie woke from her nap, she was pretty excited about the calendar.

Since my mom is here, we decided to go to church today. The girls all got to pick out their lovely dresses. Evie is big enough for nursery now. i don't know how it went because I just introduced her to the teacher, and then plopped her in a chair andhustled out of the room. I figured it'd go like when she goes to the dayccare at the gym. She cries til she can't see me anymore, or gets distracted by a toy or another kid. She sure was happy to see me when I came in to pick her up.

Kiersten thought daddy would like to see a silly picture. so here it is.


bmills said...

o what a pretty family

VicandNanc said...

Haha, nice "silly" face on Kara. I LOVE that dress she is wearing by the links, so simple & cute!

bmills said...

I love that picture of all three standing on the fireplace

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love all the pictures of your beautiful girls. I especially love the one of Evie.