Friday, March 16, 2012

Kiersten baby's 4th birthday!

Kiersten was really excited to get to be class helper on her birthday, monday. She baked some chocolate chip cookies the night before to share with her friends at school.

Here she is posing with her cookies, and her dancing Mickey she took for show and tell. She had a really hard time deciding what to bring for her very last show and tell at school.

Kara needed to get in the picture too. Kiersten was really excited when I picked her up to tell me all the special birthday girl things she got to do. she even got a big card signed by all of her class mates.

After dinner, we put the computer on the table so daddy could watch her open her gifts via skype. She had a lot of fun things to open.

After opening gifts, daddy told her about her special birthday surprise, tickets to disney on ice next weekend. She was really excited, and so was Kara. He sent a link for them to watch a youtube video all about the show. This year is a princess/love theme, so it will be right up their alley!

I wanted to use up the rest of her birthday cake, so we just put the #4 candle on what was left of it.

Evie was so cute cheesing it up for daddy. She definitely knew he was watching her and thinking she was adorable. She was the only girl to finish her cake all 3 nights that we had it after dinner. Kiersten just ate the fondant off of hers, and very little of the cake.

The girls' last day of school was today. It was kind of sad. They made goodbye cards for everyone, and got some pictures from their buddies. Their teacher was really emotional saying goodbye. She gave Kara a final homework assignment to write a letter to the class from St. Louis. So I'll have to remember to have her do that once we're settled in. The packers showed up this morning at 8 and got started packing right away. my mom stayed behind to oversee things so I could take the girls to school. I also took Evie to the doctor, since she has run a fever all day yesterday and today, as high as 104.7 at times. She had to get a catheter to do a urine test, and that was horrible. she was so sad and crying, and then just wimpered in my arms after it was over. Then they couldn't even tell me if she had a uti or not, and said they wouldn't know til monday. So we'll have to watch her and if she keeps getting a fever, take her to the dr, in st. louis.
The packers finished up right as I was leaving to pick up the girls, so now my house is full of boxes waiting to be moved. We took the girls to godfather's for dinner, since I can't cook with everything boxed up. The movers will be here in the morning to load everything and send it off. We'll be in a hotel for the night, and then fly out at 6am saturday. so that should be fun flying with 3 tired and grumpy girls, especially if Evie is still sick. But it's worth it to bring us together with Ben again. We are all missing him like crazy!


Vicky Van Sickle said...

Dear Becky, I hate to tell you, but Kiersten isn't a baby anymore. I hope that doesn't break your heart. (I'm referring to the title). So are you going to Disney on Ice in your new home town? I need to go see it one of these years. I'm so happy that your awesome family will be back together soon. I love you all.

bmills said...

can't wait to see my babies