Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kiersten's party

Kiersten's birthday party was today at a candy store in the supermall called, Kid's Korner. We were all sad that Ben didn't get to be here for it, but I found another reason to miss him today as my mom and I tried to carry a heavy cake, plus all of our extra stuff for the party, while dragging the girls along side us. I can't wait to get my packhorse back :) As soon as we were shown into the party area, Evie insisted on putting on a party hat. There were 3 or 4 different designs, and all the kids switched and swapped hats the rest of the time.the kids had lots of fun with this pin the tail on the donkey. Kiersten really wanted to pose with it so daddy would see. the kids wanted to play over and over, which was okay since we were waiting quite a while at the beginning for the party person to come back there.Mom enjoying the festivitiesSweet Karalee. She really took it on herself to make sure Kiersten was the center of attention, and everyone was having fun. She kept asking the other kids, "what is your favorite part of the party so far?"Each of the kids got to choose an animal to stuff. Kiersten got a panda (or as she calls them, a bamboo bear). I was surprised, because she already has a stuffed panda on her bed at home. But apparently that one is a boy, and her new one is a girl. She named it "Beautiful Princess". the party helper couldn't write it on the birth certificate without laughing.These 2 little guys both picked out T-Rexes. There was a lot of growling, and smaller animals being chased or eaten, or attacked.Evie didn't weigh enough to make the machine work, so the party guy would step on it every time she poked it with her finger. She really thought she was doing it. After she had come back over to me, thinking it was finished, he decided it needed more fluff, and she booked it back over to poke the pedal for him. She picked out a pink bunny, and named it, "mine bunny"Kara chose a cat and named it "cute eyes Pip squeak Miller". Kiersten got to wear this birthday cake hat, which was way too huge, and she got to keep it, so we can use it again when our kids heads get bigger. She wouldn't wear it very long, because she thought it was messing up her curls.Here comes the cake. It was kind of heavy.She chose 4 individual candles instead of the #4 candle. She was proud to have blown them all out in one try.opening her gifts. She made sure to thank everyone at least twice.I wanted to take a group picture, but Zach didn't want his picture taken, and Evie was trying to not get tired, and therefore running around like a maniac. so I got a picture of the rest.
After the picture, they all got outfits for their animals, and a free bag of cotton candy to take home, though most of them had it eaten by the time they were out of the store. They also got little backpacks with playdough and a few small toys. I think it was a successful party.


bmills said...

What a beautiful birthday girl!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Kiersten's party sounds like it was really fun. Kiersten looked so beautiful in her dress. The cake looked nice too. I wish I could of been there. Please give Kiersten a hug for me.