Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl party

For a couple days Kara has been wanting to have a "girl party". I didn't know exactly what she wanted to do, as she insisted that she wanted to plan it. We have just been so busy doing other things, that we didn't have time til sunday night. The first thing she planned was a makeover for all of us. I let them each wear eyeshadow, nail polish, and lip stick. Then Kara did my makeup and Kiersten did Grandma's.Here's a group picture after the makeovers. Kara did an okay job on mine. Kiersten's hand turns out to be a bit shakier.Kiersten had to get the same color lipstick as kara once she saw how much darker it was than what she had on. She picked a pale pink eyeshadow, the same as what she used on Grandma.this picture turned out a little creepy, as Kara thought she looked really glamourous, and tried to make a face to match. but the way she opened her eyes made it hard to even see her cool purple eyeshadow.Evie definitely wanted to participate, but I couldn't bring myself to use anything other than the lightest pinks on her sweet little face. and her lipstick lasted about 10 seconds before she rubbed it all off onto her binky. She is still pretty proud of her nails, though.
After the makeovers, we had a quick tea party, and then watched Alice in Wonderland, since it's about a girl. Evie and I fell asleep pretty much right away, (we were on Kiersten's bed) so Kara invited Kiersten to have a sleep over in her room that night.


bmills said...

Boo Makeup

VicandNanc said...

Sounds fun! I'm sure your mom is loving their adorable little personalities! Having a girl party sounds so much nicer than my kids cranky pants parties they've been having for 2 weeks. (They have some awful hacking cough/cold)