Monday, March 26, 2012

Disney on Ice- Princesses!

We are used to going to Disney on ice in november every year, but here in St. Louis, it comes in march. So since that was part of Kiersten's birthday gift, she got a pretty cinderella dress to wear to the show. Ben got all the girls sno-cones in special cups. Evie's was a mickey cup. she made a huge mess with it.

Kiersten felt so pretty in her dress. She was a little sad that she couldn't get her hair curled, since our stuff has not arrived here yet, and I didn't have a curling iron. She got a rapunzel cup.

Silly Kara. We didn't bring very many dresses with us on the airplane, so she ended up wearing a skirt. she didn't mind not being too dressed up. she got a cinderella cup.

Evie got so happy and excited every time Mickey and minnie were on the ice. But when they would leave, she would really freak out.

the first story was princess and the frog. Evie was a little tense during the part with shadow man.

The middle story was Cinderella. Kiersten really loved this one. During the intermission, she did get a little sad, because she realized she doesn't have a prince to marry.

They really made the evil step sisters even worse than in the movie.

Kiersten waiting for her prince charming.

waiting to see if the slipper is gonna fit...

the last story was Rapunzel. They did lots of cool swinging around on these scarves (hair). unfortuately, Kiersten had to go out to the restroom during this part, and she and Ben missed most of it.

For Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding, (and the grand finale), all the other famous disney princesses and their princes came out. The crowd was really going crazy for each one, but Belle and Jasmine seemed to be the most popular.

This was a really fun show. The girls loved seeing all the princesses on the ice and in the crowd too. Kiersten was practicing her twirling before we left, in case they mistook her for the real Cinderella and made her skate in the show. Fortunately that didn't happen, and she just got to watch and enjoy the performance.

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bmills said...

I hope those 4 princesses had fun!